Tough Eclipse Energy - When Astrology is a Rollercoaster Ride

Tough Eclipse Energy - When Astrology is a Rollercoaster Ride-min

Tough Eclipse Energy - When Astrology is a Rollercoaster Ride

I've just experienced the toughest eclipse season of my life. 

I'm talking about the time between the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on 25th October 2022 and the Total Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on 8th November. 


I can’t remember an eclipse season like it.

I’ll be honest, at the new Moon solar eclipse, I thought I’d gotten away lightly, as I noticed those around me struggling with big like stuff, especially connected to relationships (Venus was involved), and I was fairing okay. I breathed a sigh of relief and assumed I must have been working through my lessons and didn’t need any harsh reminders…….but I was very very wrong.

As we approached the full Moon lunar eclipse in Taurus, life began to get uncomfortable and things started to go wrong.

Among the many little things that happened, we were without internet for four days as my husband put a shovel through the garden cable…yikes! This forced me to slow down and disconnect.

Then my mobile phone displayed the black screen of death, while still in contract but out of warranty, which meant more inconvenience and expense. Again, I was forced to slow down and disconnect.

I have also struggled with extended Covid symptoms since September, which have forced me to slow down and disconnect.

Yeah, I see the pattern here too……finally!

So now I am looking at how to live life more slowly, with my primary focus on wellness, all thanks to my big, gigantic, can’t be missed takeaways from this eclipse season.

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Self-Care - How to go Slow on Purpose-min

Did you experience any big eclipse takeaways?

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