Pack 6. Spreads for Working with Astrology

Explore the guidance and messages from the stars by tuning into the Moon and astrology. 

Spreads in this pack:

  • 🔮 Completing a Cycle
  • 🔮 Mercury Retrograde
  • 🔮 Solar System Spread

The spreads included in this pack

Check out each spread in more detail below.

Completing a Cycle

8 card spread for working with the phases of the Moon

This spread will take you on a journey through the eight phases of the lunar cycle. You can use this spread at any time by exploring your reading from whichever phase the Moon is in at the time of your reading.

Check in with the current phase of the lunar cycle. You can do this by going to the below link.

Monthly Moon Phase Calendar

Mercury Retrograde

6 card spread for exploring the lessons of Mercury Retrograde

Use this spread at the start of the pre-shadow phase of the Mercury Retrograde Cycle.

Get hold of the dates for Mercury Retrograde on the below link.

Mercury Retrograde Calendar

Solar System Spread

12 card spread for connecting with the planetary themes.

This spread can be used anytime to connect with your personal guidance from the planets of the solar system. As this is a big spread, allow yourself plenty of time to work with the guidance and support given. This spread will support you for several months.

Sarah Cornforth

“I love the little 'clarity pointers' in Sarah's spreads as they help to frame the message. I'm a real fan of Sarah's spreads and the fact they can be used over and over again makes them great value! ”

Cosmic Card Slinger

Sarah Cornforth

“Sarah’s card spreads reveal so much while unravelling my thoughts, giving me clarity and focus. Working with them feels like I’m bringing a little magic into the everyday - pure joy and pleasure. I cherish the time. To anyone considering - don’t wait. You won’t regret working with them.”

Cosmic Card Slinger

Sarah Cornforth

“I've used many of Sarah's spreads an I've always really enjoyed them. I find the questions and prompts provide an easy but in depth way to get more from my readings. ”

Cosmic Card Slinger