Pack 4. Spreads for Asking a Question

When you want to know the answer to a specific question, these spreads will help. 

Spreads in this pack:

  • 🔮 Yes or no?
  • 🔮 Decision time

The spreads included in this pack

Check out each spread in more detail below.

Yes or no?

card ritual for answering a yes or no question

This spread can be used when your question can only be answered by a yes or no answer

Decision Time

5 card spread for decision support

Use this spread when you need to make a decision and require additional support and guidance during your decision-making process. Rather than telling you what to do, as you still have free will, this spread gives you the tools to expand on what you already know.

Sarah Cornforth

“I love the little 'clarity pointers' in Sarah's spreads as they help to frame the message. I'm a real fan of Sarah's spreads and the fact they can be used over and over again makes them great value! ”

Cosmic Card Slinger

Sarah Cornforth

“Sarah’s card spreads reveal so much while unravelling my thoughts, giving me clarity and focus. Working with them feels like I’m bringing a little magic into the everyday - pure joy and pleasure. I cherish the time. To anyone considering - don’t wait. You won’t regret working with them.”

Cosmic Card Slinger

Sarah Cornforth

“I've used many of Sarah's spreads an I've always really enjoyed them. I find the questions and prompts provide an easy but in depth way to get more from my readings. ”

Cosmic Card Slinger