Astrology Made My Dream Home a Reality

Astrology Made My Dream Home a Reality (2)-min

Moon Magic: How Astrology Helped Me Manifest My Dream Home

Hey there, folks! Here I am, cosied up in my dream house writing this blog post, and you know what's super cool? I manifested this move with the help of the Moon! So, let me share this journey with you.

Our Journey Begins

Everything started when Dave and I decided to take the plunge and start living together. We adopted our second pup, got married, and then—boom—Dave had the opportunity to chase after his dream job. The twist? We had to move.


To Move or Not to Move?

My initial reaction was, "No way, Jose! We're not shifting!" But within a day, I had this gut feeling Dave would get the job and we'd be heading west. With Dave's entire Army unit relocating before New Year, we had to get a move on!

The Dream Home Hunt

When we began house hunting, we knew we were looking for a nest to settle in for good. But time wasn't on our side as we had to move fast with only a few months to go until the role started! Dave's job location was in Lancashire, but my heart was set on staying in Yorkshire—a beautiful, large county here in the UK that conveniently borders Lancashire.

Yorkshire Dales

The Wish List and Visualisation

I made a detailed wish list of our dream house. I dreamed about it and visualised us living in it all day, every day.

My dreamhouse checklist included:


  • Ideally situated in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, surrounded by the stunning landscapes the region has to offer.
  • Within walking distance of essential local amenities such grocery store, and cafe.
  • Near walking trails and parks for our dogs to roam and play.


  • Modernised cottage style.
  • An enclosed garden for our dogs to run around safely.
  • An outdoor seating area where we can enjoy meals in the summer months and have our morning coffee.
  • A garage for Dave to turn into a man cave.


  • Minimum three bedrooms: a master suite for us, a spare room, and a home office/studio for me.
  • Large kitchen with plenty of space for the dogs to sleep on a night.
  • A comfortable living room with a coal fireplace for cosy winter evenings.

Scouting for the Perfect Home

Next, we hit the road to view some houses. It seemed like everyone in the country had the same idea! We toured just three properties, and they all had a fair share of interested parties, but one was straight off my list—THE ONE!


The Manifestation Marathon

The waiting game was intense, and it was time to take the reins. I pulled out all the stops and got busy manifesting.

Every day, I imagined us in our new house. The belief that we deserved a lifestyle upgrade was key to making this dream a reality. I also looped in my friends, asking them to visualise visiting us in our new home.

Day after day I focused on living in this house, spending Christmas here, celebrating birthdays, being with our dogs, cooking Sunday lunch and inviting our families over.

Harnessing the New Moon Energy

The New Moon in Scorpio on 4th November 2021 was a game-changer. I harnessed its energy to supercharge my wishes of living in this house. And boy, was it powerful!

I created a list of my intentions and wishes for this new Moon which included:

  • "By the power of the New Moon, I seek to secure our dream home at (full address). May the energy of this lunar phase guide us towards our dream dwelling."
  • "With the strength and potential of the New Moon, I wish to confidently embrace the journey of moving and relocating to our new home at (full address). May this transition be smooth and exciting."
  • "Under the auspices of the New Moon, I desire the removal of all worries and concerns about debt linked to our move to (full address). May this phase usher in peace, reassurance, and financial stability."
  • "On this New Moon, I wish for an effortless negotiation and entry into a financial agreement that is fair, comfortable, and affordable, ensuring the acquisition of our dream home at (full address). May the energy of this lunar phase lead us towards financial harmony and home security."

And do you know what? It worked.

The Wait Was Over!

Then came the much-awaited good news. After some paperwork, the house was ours! I don't think anything can beat the rush of happiness we felt.

House Key

Why The Scorpio New Moon?

Alright, so here's the low down: The New Moon in Scorpio is like your best friend when trying to manifest something as massive as a dream house. Why? Well, Scorpio's a water sign—it's all about the deep, emotional stuff and major transformations. Pair that with the New Moon, which is basically the Universe's way of shouting "fresh start!", and you've got a supercharged setup for bringing your dream house into your life.

Think of it this way: Scorpio energy isn't shy about getting real with your feelings and wants, and it's got the guts to go after what it desires. It's like that one friend who says, "Go on, you deserve it! Let's make it happen!" Plus, Scorpio is all about change—it's ready to ditch the old and embrace the new, perfect a big move.

A Symphony of Synchronicities

Isn't it exciting when the universe throws little nudges your way? We experienced a heap of these quirky coincidences during our move.

Dave and I had once considered moving to a village which had the same name as where we are now, but it was in a completely different county.

Next up on the coincidence list? The previous occupants of our home. No, they weren’t doppelgangers, but they were also named Sarah and Dave! I actually thought our new neighbours were having us on when they told us.

Here's the cherry on top, though. Our current place is nestled right at the base of one of the Yorkshire 3 peaks. Before the move, I said I wanted to spend more of the summer months hiking the 3 peaks. And now, I can lace up my boots and hit the trails anytime I fancy. It seems like the Universe was listening, and I finally heard the call.

The Cosmic Tango: Our Journey

Whether you're into the stars, believe in the law of attraction, or swear by manifesting, you've got to admit—the way everything fell into place for us is a bit too uncanny to brush off. Our ride has been one heck of a magical joyride, and I'm pretty certain the moon lent a helping hand in steering us home.

Gotta hand it to the universe—it really knows how to pull off a showstopper!

Ready to Embrace the Magic of the Moon?

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Can't wait to see you there, stargazers!

Catch you later, Sarah 💜

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