I'm Changing my Blog for the Better

I'm Changing my Blog for the Better

I'm Changing my Blog for the Better

I’ve been writing blogs for almost ten years as part of my business, but it’s never really been my primary focus. Instead, I just write an article here and there as my time becomes free or the mood takes me. Also, I have found that social media has always taken up more of my time and energy than I would like.

The problem with social media is that it’s fleeting, and many small business owners like myself who work primarily online become content factories, producing reams of instantly forgotten material. This is often exhausting and always frustrating.

If you're curious about spending time on social media, I talk more about this in a blog called Does Social Media Impact Your Mental Health?

I said goodbye to Instagram

I made the decision in October 2022 to focus on Facebook and step away from Instagram. The reason? Well, until recently, Instagram had always been my favourite platform, but it has become increasingly difficult to be seen and heard above the noise. As a solopreneur, Instagram just doesn’t make good business sense anymore. This move has created the space I need to channel more time and energy into my blog.

I've wanted this for a long time

Something I’ve wanted to do for a long time is create a blog that feels more like a lifestyle blog. You know the ones where people blog frequently and talk about life stuff. However, don’t worry, as I’m not going to start talking about fashion or baking cookies. And for those who have followed me for a while, you will also know how ridiculous that would be. 🤣

As an astrologer, Moon mentor and artist, I focus primarily on life enhancement through the lens of working with astrology and creativity. For me, the Moon is my therapist, life coach and guru. I explore her themes as she ebbs and flows through the year, and place my attention where it is needed most. I then guide others to do the same inside the Moon Portal Online Membership, which is currently in it’s 6th year!

The future of my blog is exciting 

Going forward, this blog will be more frequent, more relevant to daily life, and I hope, more inspirational.

I will share with you my life enhancement journey with a splash of astrology, a pinch of lunar loveliness, and a dollop of creativity. So that’s the recipe for my blog, and it’s clear from that description that I won’t start a cooking themed blog soon!

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Sarah 💜

Sarah Cornforth The Magickal Creatrix 2-min

Hi, I'm Sarah... 

..astrologer, artist and life improvement enthusiast

I’m a big fan of using every tool available to create our best lives. It’s not always easy to see life’s challenges as opportunities, but as we learn to tune in to our own needs, explore our behaviours and make better future decisions, it becomes possible to craft an amazing journey for ourselves and those around us. My goal is to help you explore your own life, habits and behaviours in a way that can benefit you and those around you.

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Hi! I’m Sarah,

It's a pleasure to introduce myself to you. I'm an Astrologer, Creatrix and life enhancement enthusiast. Plus, I'm a total nerd!

But that's not all. I'm also a proud dog mum to my two beautiful fur-babies. They bring me so much joy and are a constant reminder of the beauty and love that surrounds us.

If you'd like to know more about me and my interests, check out my ‘About Me’ page.

I'm excited to connect with you!

Sarah 💜