How to Survive Mercury Retrograde

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Mercury’s Bad Reputation

Mercury Retrograde has a bad reputation for turning life upside down. It probably wasn’t always this way, but in a technological age, this retrograde cycle of the planet governing communication, commerce and travel has the potential to impact pretty much every part of our daily life.

People often report technological and mechanical issues, communication problems, including email and the internet, travel issues, and even payment processors and sales machines going down.

In the past, I’ve experienced computer problems, miscommunication and internet issues to varying degrees. I have learned from the experiences, and these days, I know not to host an online event during Mercury Retrograde unless I want the headache of things not working as they should.

Surviving Mercury Retrograde

Surviving Mercury Retrograde is about:

  • Having awareness of the event and how it could impact your life.
  • Not stressing about the small stuff and allowing any Mercury Retrograde complications to be viewed as lessons rather than challenges.
  • Preparing for this period by double checking travel arrangements, testing tech and addressing any known issues before the Mercury Retrograde event.

Top 3 Tips for Surviving Mercury Retrograde (and 1 Bonus Tip)

Mercury Retrograde can be disruptive, but we don’t have to let it turn our lives upside down and accept it.

In fact, with a different mindset, you may notice that it’s not actually the impact of Mercury Retrograde, which causes all the problems, but the resistance to the lessons presented along the way.

My top three tips for this time are:

  1. Journal Everything - Notice what you experience during the 3 stages of Mercury Retrograde, and journal around them more often. You may find further down the line that something seemingly unconnected becomes relevant later. Capturing your insights along the way will improve your awareness of this.
  2. Don’t Expect the Worst - Many people believe Mercury Retrograde is a bad thing, and everything will go wrong. The thing about belief is that it often becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. If you decide that your Mercury Retrograde experience will be horrendous, then it will be. But also, if you decide that you can navigate Mercury Retrograde with grace and ease, then you will. Give it a go, and watch out for that mindset trying to trip you up and revert you back to your old way of thinking.
  3. Explore the Lessons - The events that occur during Mercury Retrograde are all lessons, although they often don’t feel that way at the time. No matter what happens, try asking yourself ‘What’s the lesson here?’ and work on extracting the personal guidance relating to your Mercury Retrograde experience.

Bonus 4th Tip

Make it Personal - Although each Mercury Retrograde will have a theme that we will all experience, how this theme shows up in our lives is personal.

The personal aspect is determined by our life events, current situations, goals, dreams and past experiences. I highly recommend deciphering your own lessons from your Mercury Retrograde experience.

One way to do this is by exploring the personal journey I’ve created as part of the Mercury Retrograde Survival Pack for December 2022. As well as two guides to help you connect with the energy of this Mercury Retrograde, I’ve also created a personal guided journey exploration where you use your chosen Tarot/Oracle deck and follow my prompts and journaling questions to get the most from your Mercury Retrograde experience.

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