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This spread has been created to help you tune in to the present moment. 

If you feel detached from your purpose, struggling to find your flow, or just want to ground yourself in the here and now, then grab your cards and explore this spread.

This isn't an ordinary spread

Inside the download, you will find additional prompts and guidance to support your exploration. This will encourage you to go deeper with your reading. I also make space for journaling and use prompts to help you extract the information from each card. My spreads are easy to use and provide more insight than regular free spreads online. 

Feel the Present Moment is a spread design to connect you to the here and now. 

Feel the present moment free download

Nice to Meet You

Hey there, I’m Sarah and I’m so excited to share my spread creations with you.  

With hundreds of spreads in my collection and more being created every week, I want to make this tool for self-discovery, guidance and personal development available to anyone who wants to work with their cards, journal more often, and make time for growth and evolution. 

See you on the inside!

Sarah Cornforth Astrology & Artist Black

Sarah Cornforth, Astrologer and Artist