Follow Your Dreams with the Super New Moon in Pisces

New Moon in Pisces - Feb - Follow Your Dreams

Follow Your Dreams with the Super New Moon in Pisces

The Super New Moon in Pisces is an energetically powerful time, and many people will feel the effects of this celestial event. As the Moon enters Pisces, it brings heightened emotional energy, making us more sensitive to our surroundings. This increased sensitivity can be both a blessing and a curse, as we may be more prone to feeling overwhelmed or anxious.

On the other hand, this energy can also be used to bring about positive change and manifest our goals. It is important to tune into this energy and use it to your advantage.

Take some time to meditate, practice yoga, or journal during this time to focus on manifesting your intentions and achieving your goals.

When is the New Moon in Pisces?

Date & Time

  • GMT - 20th February @07:05
  • Eastern Time - 20th February @02:05
  • Pacific Time - 19th February @23:05
  • Mountain Time - 20th February @00:05
  • Australian Eastern Time - 20th February @18:05
  • Australian Western Time - 20th February @15:05

Follow Your Dreams

The Pisces New Moon is a time of intense reflection and personal growth. It is a reminder that we all have dreams and aspirations to strive towards, and the energy of the New Moon gives us the opportunity to make those wishes come true.

1. Connect with Your Intuition

The Pisces New Moon has a special kind of energy that allows us to tap into our intuition and inner wisdom. It is a time to listen closely to our inner voice and let it guide us to the decisions and actions we need to take in order to manifest our dreams.

2. Dive Into Your Emotions

The Pisces New Moon also encourages us to dive deep into our emotions. It is a time to explore the depths of our hearts, to get in touch with our feelings, and to use them as fuel to take action towards achieving our goals.

3. Take Action

The Pisces New Moon encourages us to take action. It is a reminder that we need to take action if we want to make our dreams come true. It is also a time to reflect on the choices we have made so far and to make sure that we are on the right path.

Follow Your Dreams Inside the Moon Portal

Now, inside the Moon Portal Online Membership, we are exploring the theme of "following your dreams" in line with the new Moon in Pisces energy. We use lunar astrology to uncover your personal guidance and messages for the upcoming cycle, and set your intentions in line with the dominant and receptive energies. Through this guided journey, you'll gain insight into your dreams and how to make them a reality.

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Align with the Energy of the Pisces Moon

1. Practice Self-Care

The Pisces New Moon is all about self-care and paying attention to our emotional needs. Items such as crystals, essential oils, and a comfortable pillow can be used to help set the intention of taking time for ourselves.

  • Crystals such as rose quartz, moonstone, and fluorite can all be used to help with self-care, and can be used in meditation or placed around the house for a calming atmosphere.
  • Essential oils can also be used for relaxation and help us connect with our emotions.
  • A comfortable pillow can be used to ensure that we get the best rest possible, and can be used to set the tone for a restful evening.

2. Get Creative

The Pisces New Moon is also a time of creativity and exploration. Items such as art supplies, journals, and music can all be used to help us connect to our creative side.

  • Art supplies such as paints, pencils, and clay can all be used to explore and express our creativity.
  • Journals can be used to help keep track of our thoughts and ideas and can also be used for goal setting and manifesting.
  • Music can be used to help us tap into our creative side and can be used to help us stay grounded and focused.

3. Reflection and Introspection

The Pisces New Moon is a time of new beginnings and fresh starts, and items that correspond to this energy can help us stay aligned with our intentions and goals. Items such as tarot cards, candles, and incense can help us tap into our inner guidance and gain insight into our current situation. With these items, we can set our intentions and begin our new journey.

New Moon in Pisces Ritual

1. Create a Sacred Space

Create a sacred space for your ritual by setting up an altar with items that correspond to the new moon in Pisces. This could include crystals, candles, and items that represent the divine feminine.

2. Connect with Feminine Energy

Light the candles on your altar, and take some time to meditate and focus on the feminine energy of Pisces. This energy is emotional, sensitive, internal and imaginative. Visualise how this energy flows through your body, and how it can help you connect more deeply with your intuition.

3. Explore What Comes Up for You

Take some time to journal or meditate on the emotions that come up as you connect with this energy. Honour whatever feelings come up, and let them be a source of deep insight and understanding.

Setting New Moon Intentions

Setting intentions during the new moon is an effective way to work with the natural energies of the moon for personal growth and transformation.

1. Set Intentions

The key to successful new moon intentions is to be clear and specific about what it is that you want to manifest. Take some time to journal and reflect on what it is that you would like to create in the upcoming cycle. Write down your intentions in a concise and straightforward manner, and keep them somewhere you can refer to them throughout the cycle.

2. Visualise Your Desires

Visualisation is a powerful tool to help manifest your intentions. Once you have written down your intentions, spend a few moments each day visualising them as if they have already been achieved. Feel the emotions of what it would be like to have already manifested your intentions.

3. Release Expectations

It is important to release any expectations or attachment to the outcome of your intentions. Let go of the need to know how your intentions will be achieved, and trust that the universe will bring your desires to you in the perfect way and perfect timing.

Final Thoughts

The Super New Moon in Pisces is an energetically powerful time, bringing heightened emotional energy and the opportunity to follow our dreams and manifest our goals. Setting intentions and visualising our desires during the new moon is an effective way to work with the natural energies of the moon for personal growth and transformation. Here’s how to align yourself with the power of this new Moon.

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