Evolving My Cosmic Connection: A New Direction for Sarah Cornforth Astrology

Evolving my Cosmic Connection

Evolving My Cosmic Connection: A New Direction for Sarah Cornforth Astrology

Change is woven into the very fabric of the universe, and just as the celestial bodies shift and dance in the sky, so too do our paths here on Earth. Today, I'm thrilled to announce some exhilarating changes coming to Sarah Cornforth Astrology.

These changes aren't just about personal evolution but about deepening our journey together into the mysteries of the cosmos. As we embark on this renewed voyage, I want to assure you that each alteration has been made keeping you, my fellow cosmic explorers, at the heart of it.

By focusing my energies more keenly, I believe we can uncover richer insights, more profound wisdom, and an even stronger connection to the universe's rhythms. So, buckle up, galactic travellers, as we set our sights on a starlit path full of promise and wonder!

The Heart Behind the Action

At the heart of every decision, there's always a personal story. For me, this shift is not just about refining the way I connect with you, my cherished cosmic community, but it's also deeply intertwined with my personal and professional journey.

Over the past few years, I've felt an overwhelming call to delve deeper into the intricate and beautiful world of astrology. Just like the ever-evolving cosmos, my passion and commitment to understanding the celestial dance grow and expand.

Astrology is not just a subject for me; it's a calling. Every chart I read, every birth sign I study, every horoscope I write, I'm reminded of the profound magic and meaning that exists in our universe.

This magic is what I want to share with you. But to do so, I've realised I need to immerse myself even more intensely in my studies and dedicated practices. I believe this immersion will allow me to serve you better, bringing richer insights and deeper understandings.

The feedback, the stories you've shared, and the journey we've embarked upon together have shaped my path. I want to honour our shared journey by ensuring that I'm offering you the very best of my expertise.

This is the heart of my decision.

The Exciting Shift:

Focused Offerings:

Stepping away from sharing so much on social media means I can now direct all my energy and passion into creating dedicated, immersive spaces for you. My focus will now firmly be on the Moon Portal Online Membership and Seasons and Cycles monthly journey. Both of these platforms are designed with the intention of guiding you more closely through the cosmos, helping you harness the power of the moon, the planets, and the stars in your daily life. Additionally, I'm injecting new life into my blog, which will soon become a treasure trove of astrological insights, tips, and deeper dives into the celestial world. The benefit? You'll receive content that's more in-depth, more personal, and more aligned with genuine astrological cycles and insights.

A Continued Connection:

While I might be dialling down my social media presence, this by no means implies I'm fading into the background. Quite the opposite! Less time on social media means more time serving and working directly with members of my Moon Portal, Seasons and Cycles, and various online courses.

These platforms allow for a more intimate, interactive, and insightful connection with all of you. Remember, it's not about quantity but the quality of our interactions, and I'm committed to ensuring that our connection only strengthens from here on.

Astrological Studies:

As mentioned earlier, I'm committing the next 12 months to dive headfirst into my astrological studies. I’ve been interested in Astrology for most of my life and studying it formally for 5 years. Astrology is a vast universe in itself, filled with layers of knowledge and mysteries waiting to be unravelled. I've always believed in continuous learning, and now's the time to dive even deeper.

This investment in my education is ultimately an investment in the guidance I provide to you. With more knowledge, I'll be better equipped to help you navigate your own celestial path, enriching our shared journey through the cosmos. I can't wait to share new discoveries, insights, and starry wisdom with you all!

Stay Connected:

Even as the cosmos shifts and changes, one thing remains constant – our connection. While the modes of communication might evolve, our shared passion for astrology ensures that our bond remains strong.

Here's how you can continue to journey with me:

Cosmic Compass: Your Weekly Astrological Guide

The Cosmic Compass isn't just an email; it's a compass guiding you through the ever-shifting cosmic landscape. For only £5 a month, you get to be part of an exclusive group receiving weekly cosmic updates, insights, and guidance directly from me. If you're curious about aligning more closely with the universe and understanding its rhythms, this is the place for you. Joining is simple, head to - The Cosmic Compass - and become a part of our astrological family.

Sign Up for the Cosmic Compass

The Cosmic Compass - Sarah Cornforth Astrology

Regular Blog Updates

For those who love to read and delve deeper, my blog will be seeing a surge of content. Expect updates filled with rich astrological insights, tips, and starry stories. Whether you're a seasoned cosmic explorer or someone just starting to gaze up at the heavens with wonder, there's something for everyone. I aim to update it regularly, bringing a fresh perspective on ancient wisdom. Dive into this treasure trove whenever you like, and always find something to illuminate your path.

Bookmark the below blog link and click follow for updates:


Cosmic Cuppa

Begin your week with a cuppa of cosmic wisdom! Every Monday, I send out the free 'Cosmic Cuppa' email – a blend of the latest in the world of astrology and personal insights from my corner of the cosmos.

It's free, it's enlightening, and it's the perfect way to start your week with alignment and purpose. If you haven't already, sign up for just scroll to the bottom of this article and enter your details to ensure you are added to my mailing list and don't miss a single drop of celestial insight.

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Remember, while the modes of connection might change, my commitment to guiding and walking alongside you in this cosmic journey remains unwavering. Let's keep the conversation flowing and the stars shining bright!

Final Thoughts

As we close this chapter and embark on a new cosmic journey together, my heart swells with gratitude and exhilaration. While change is as constant as the phases of the moon, my commitment to you – my readers, followers, and fellow celestial enthusiasts – remains steadfast. The stars have aligned to illuminate this path for us, a path filled with deeper exploration, enriched understanding, and the promise of shared celestial adventures.

Your thoughts, questions, and feedback are the constellations that guide me. They challenge me, inspire me, and propel me forward. So, I wholeheartedly invite you to share with me – what are you most excited about? Do you have any reservations or questions? How can we make this journey even more magical together?

This isn't an ending but a grand new beginning. Our cosmic dance continues, and I am deeply honoured to have you as a part of this voyage. Here's to the stars, the mysteries they hold, and the journey we share under their watchful gaze.

Sarah 🌟🔭💜

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