Eclipse energy, what does it mean for you?

Eclipse Energy, What does it mean for you

Want to know more about eclipse energy and how it influences you?

Then, let’s dive in!

Eclipse Energy is Powerful

Astrologically speaking, eclipse energy is powerful stuff.

An eclipse event increases the intensity of a new or full Moon, with many astrologers referring to it as triple the intensity of a regular new or full Moon experience.

And it’s not just the intensity that is increased. The length of time where we experience the potential impacts of the lunar or solar eclipse event is also extended.

So basically, we feel it more and for longer compared to a regular new or full Moon event.

Intensity Influences

There are some variations to this. For example

  • A total eclipse is stronger than a partial eclipse.
  • An eclipse visible in your location will be felt more than one you can’t see.
  • The sign under which the eclipse takes place influences the intensity and longevity of the eclipse experience. An eclipse in the sign of Scorpio is the most intense eclipse experience you can get.
  • An eclipse in a fixed sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) have longer lasting effects and can show up globally or personally months or even years later.

Global and Personal Influences

Eclipse energy is felt on a global and personal level, with some astrologers believing that the parts of the world where the eclipse can be seen are joined together and share a global eclipse experience.

On a personal level, the activated life area (astrological house) of your chart, the sign, any planetary conjunctions, and what is going on in your life right now will determine how the eclipse event lessons will show up for you.

Energy of Change & Transformation

Eclipse events represent change and transformation in our lives. They’re often associated with turning points, letting go and upheaval.

However, it’s worth noting that whatever leaves, changes or transforms during an eclipse event were already going in that direction, the eclipse event just ignites the necessary change. Quite often, the change doesn’t come out of the blue, but there is already awareness of the problem, even if there may also be a level of denial present.

Eclipse energy can be challenging, as change, transformation and upheaval doesn’t often come easy to us as humans.

The Eclipse Doorway

Eclipse events don’t happen alone. They occur mostly in pairs and sometimes as a triple.

Eclipse pairs begin with a solar eclipse. This opens the eclipse doorway. The two weeks later, there is a lunar eclipse, and the eclipse doorway closes.

Eclipse season is the time when the eclipse events take place, with the time between an eclipse pair being the most intense and potent.

The solar eclipse themes a whole eclipse season in the same way that a new Moon themes a whole lunar cycle.

Eclipse Occurrence Patterns

There are a number of patterns to eclipse events, including;

Eclipse Pairs

As already mentioned, normally eclipse events happen in pairs, two weeks apart, with one solar eclipse followed by one lunar eclipse.

Eclipse Repeating Signs

Often (but not always), two eclipses in the same zodiac sign occur again six months later, however with the Sun at the opposite signs. This can be seen in the eclipse events below.

Untitled (31)-min

18 Year Cycle

The Saros Cycle is a recurrence of eclipse events approximately every 18 years, 11 days and 8 hours. When this happens, the same eclipse (solar and lunar sign) in the same geographic location takes place, linking these events together and marking this period as significantly connected to 18 years prior.

Is Eclipse Energy Good or bad?

An eclipse can behave negatively or positively. No two eclipses are the same, and no eclipse will affect everyone in the same way. The eclipse experience is often personal, and how it is felt is determined by the life area it triggers and where you are in your life right now. It’s also important to remember that positive and negative experiences are a matter of perspective, and endings don’t always have to be a bad thing.

Eclipse Experience Duration

It is possible to begin feeling the eclipse energy ‘heating up’ several weeks before the eclipse seasons begins and the doorway opens. However, any life evet that occurs during this time is probably not connected to the eclipse event.

Once we get to around a week before the first eclipse of the season, events experiences are likely to be connected to the eclipse. This influence continues as far as 90 days after the eclipse doorway closes. The actual length is determined by the intensity of the eclipse experienced and some factors I’ve already mentioned.

How to Navigate Eclipse Energy

To negotiate the intensity of an eclipse is a smooth way means working with the energy of change head on. You could even consider getting there first.

In ancient cultures, some tribes would begin breaking pots at the time of an eclipse, in an attempt to get there first and prevent other more catastrophic breakdowns.

Other actions you can take during eclipse season include:

  • Lighting candles to keep the light going while one of the luminaries is being switched off
  • Use crystals associated with absorbing negative energy
  • Play music to raise your energetic vibration
  • Rest and recharge as things can get weird
  • Tune into the energy and find your flow. Try not to resist.
  • Create a protective circle of energy around you
  • Use breathing exercises and meditation to maintain a positive frequency

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