Working with the Seasons & Cycles in 2022

Working with the Seasons & Cycles in 2022

Working with the Seasons & Cycles in 2022

Throughout the calendar year, the energy ebbs and flows. The influence of these energies is felt around us, whether we realise it or not.

Sometimes it's supportive, and at other times is can be challenging. But regardless of the energy and its impact on us, we still must navigate it with the aim of coming out the other side wiser and more experienced than we went in.

The energy of the planet and the cosmos has always fascinated me, but with so many influences, how do we even know which ones to tune into and work with?

This was something I struggled with for a while until I created a system that allowed me to navigate the energies while exploring the personal impact and life lessons.

The system I created is a series of Tarot/Oracle card spreads that could be followed and explored through the months of the year, capturing the energy of significant events.

The energies I choose to work with during the year are:

  • Calendar month
  • New & full Moons
  • Seasons
  • The Sun
  • Wheel of the Year Festivals
  • Mercury Retrograde

I began this exploration 3 years ago (2019) in a notebook, marking down important dates, times and themes of the planetary and cosmic events, and then drawing a card or two to help explore the personal lessons for me in that moment,

Then in 2020, I began hand drawing and annotating these monthly spreads. I found that doing this by hand meant I kept my creativity and prevented the spreads from becoming too clinical or formal.

I then digitally scanned my hand drawn spreads to create PDF's of my monthly journeys to share, and the result was the release of the Cycles of Life Tarot & Oracle Spread Pack for 2021. It has been so exciting to share this journey with almost 100 other people who purchased the year long journey from me.

I had great intentions for the Cycles of Life, but the pandemic had other ideas. As my energy and business slowed down, I stepped back from creating anything new, with no idea when I would return.

Then in October 2021, I received an email from one of the Cyles of Life members saying they loved the journey and wanted to know if I had any plans for 2022.

At that point, I'd never even thought about it. But the email sparked some creativity in me, and I couldn't stop thinking about creating a better journey, that was easier to follow, more accessible to those without tarot or oracle experience, as well as being super vision and beautiful to look at.

In no time, I'd transformed the Tarot journey for December 2021 into something sensational. My heart skipped a beat when I look at the finished journey for the final month of the year, as I know this was the start of something extraordinary.

I sent the 'new look' sample to my current Cycles of Life members to get their feedback, and here's what they said.

"love the gorgeous new look"
"Just AMAZING, I really love it. My favourite part about it is all the spaces you leave for us to journal using the oracle cards we pull and the questions you supplied. This is wonderful!"
"My first thought was that I would love to have this in a printed book"
"This is the best self-care tool I use"

I'm so excited and proud to release the Seasons and Cycles of 2022. Each month, I guide you through the energy of the Moon, Cosmos, Planet and Calendar, using your favourite Tarot or Oracle deck as your guide. This is a journey of self-discovery, growth, evolution and expansion, and I can't wait to share it with you.

You too can join me on this year-long adventure.

Are you ready?

Here's what it looks like to join Seasons & Cycles 2022.

  • 7 days before the start of every new month, you will receive an email from me letting you know that the next stage in your journey has been released.
  • This monthly reminder will keep you on track and stop you from forgetting about the brilliant adventure you have started.
  • Right now, you can dive in and enjoy the journey for December 2021. This is an excellent way to finish the year and get familiar and comfortable with the process ready for 2022.
  • Also, in 2022, I am opening an online community forum inside the members areas where you can share your experiences and ask questions.
  • And, I will add updates from my own journey to the private members only blog, showing you how to get the most from the monthly journey. You can glimpse inside the process I've been enjoying for the last three years.
  • And finally, inside the members area, you have getting started guides to support your journey and help you get the most from the year ahead.

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