Why are New and Full Moons Important?

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Every month we experience a new Moon and a full Moon. These are the peak events of the eight phase lunar cycle.

The new Moon represents the start of the lunar cycle, and we use new Moon energy to set our intentions and prepare for the cycle ahead.

The full Moon represents the energetic climax of the lunar cycle, and is a time to pause and soak up the energy and guidance available to us at this time. We use full Moon energy to reflect on where we have been, where we are right now, and where we are heading.

Every new & full Moon is different due to many factors, including the energetic theme of the sign of the zodiac it is under, and any other planetary influences happening around the same time.

By following the energy of the new & full Moons each month, we work through the intention setting and reflection activities of every sign of the zodiac. This allows us to explore every part of our lives, even the bits that are uncomfortable or challenging.

I know from experience that the greatest rewards happen when we show up and do the work in the most challenging areas.

When a new or full Moon occurs, we feel the energy all around us. This energy doesn’t happen to us, but influences how we feel, what we do, and how we react to situations. When working with the energy of the new & full Moon, we have the opportunity to explore what each Moon is trying to teach us, then learn from those lessons as we continue into the cycle ahead.

Let’s take a closer look at the factors that flavour each new and full Moon.

What Gives Each New & Full Moon its flavour?

The Phase of the Moon

As mentioned above, the new Moon is the start of the lunar cycle and associated with setting intentions. This is an internal energy where we are encouraged to slow down and prepare for the cycle ahead.

The full Moon is more external in its energy, as this is the peak of the lunar cycle. The full Moon illuminates what is hidden, making it a great time to go even deeper with your exploration.

The Sign of the Zodiac

Each sign of the zodiac has different characteristics to explore. For example, a new Moon in the sign of Leo brings forward a very different energy to a new Moon in the sign of Pisces. Leo is a fire sign associated with creativity and courage. While Pisces is a water sign connected to dreams and intuition.

Conversations with Other Planets

When the Moon and the planets talk, they form aspects. Lunar and planetary aspects can be harmonious, such as with a trine or sextile, or as in the case of a square, they can be challenging. The different aspects are determined by the number of degrees between the planetary bodies. For example, a square is a 90 degree aspect and a trine is 120 degrees. During the new & full Moons, these aspects can play a part in the energy we work with.

Other Significant Planetary Events

This could cover many things, but sometimes, the planets are doing something significant at the time of the new or full Moon that impacts the energetic influence of that lunar event. This could be a planet changing sign or having a strong or challenging conversation with another planet. Retrograde events, such as Mercury Retrograde, can also influence this energy.

Super Moons & Micro Moons

A super Moon occurs when the Moon is at its closest point to the Earth at the time of the new or full Moon. The point where the Moon is at its closest is called perigee. At this time, the Moon looks bigger and brighter than usual, and the effects are felt more intensely.

A micro Moon occurs when the Moon is at its farthest point to the Earth during a new or full Moon. This point is called apogee. At this time, the Moon is smaller, less bright, and the effects are felt less intensely.

Eclipse Events

A solar eclipse occurs on a new Moon, while a lunar eclipse occurs at the full Moon. A solar eclipse always takes place two weeks before a lunar eclipse. Usually, there are two eclipses in a row, but it is possible for there to be three.

Eclipse energy is more intense and lasts longer. This means at a new or full Moon, we get to work with the lunar theme for a longer period of time. Also, intentions set at the new Moon during a solar eclipse have a more lasting impact, as eclipse energy can supercharge your manifestation powers and learning journey.

The eclipse season starts with the opening of the eclipse doorway at the solar eclipse, and ends when the doorway closes at the second or third eclipse event. This ‘doorway’ is a potent time that connects the energy of the new and full Moons together.

Void of Course Moon Energy

The Moon changes sign approximately every 2.5 days. Before she does, she goes Void of Course. This Void of Course period can be minutes, hours, or even more than a day in length. The start of a Void of Course Moon takes place when the Moon has her last conversation (aspect) with another planet before changing sign. Once the Moon moves into the next sign, the Void of Course event ends. This is what makes the length of the void so variable.

The significance of the void of course Moon is that we are encouraged to find stillness and make space for reflection. The Moon is not active at this time, and we are encouraged to follow the pace. These void of course moments allow us to reset, recharge and prepare for the next stage of movement and action.

Sometimes, the conversation (aspect) between the Sun and the Moon at the time of the new or full Moon is the aspect that triggers the Void of Course event. When this happens, the energy of that new or full Moon is cut short, making it best to work with the new or full Moon on the lead up to the Moon, instead of during or after.

I talk about Void of Course Moon energy in my daily Moonscope posts on Instagram

Your Natal Chart

On a more personal level, you will experience each new & full Moon differently due to what it activates in your natal chart. Each new and full Moon will take place in one of your astrological houses. When this happens, you are being guided to explore this life area in more detail.

Your Life Events

We can’t forget the most unique part of all, and that’s what’s going on in your life at the time of the new or full Moon. Your life events will play a part in how each new and full Moon feels to you. It will also highlight areas that require more attention during this time.

Why do People Experience the Same Moon Differently?

Astrology meets you where you are in that moment, and this is why you may notice those around you enjoying the energy of a full Moon while you feel like you’re about to have a meltdown at every turn. This is due to the many factors I’ve just mentioned, combined with the personal influence of your natal chart and current life events.

For example, a Pisces Full Moon may feel intuitive and inspirational to some, but if you’ve been going through an emotional period in your life, then this lunar energy could be overwhelming and exhausting.

Or perhaps you find that working with a new Moon in Leo energy sparks creativity and joy in your life, while you notice that those closest to you are feeling frustrated and challenged by the creative blocks they’ve experienced lately due to other life events.

2022 New & Full Moon Calendar

New & Full Moon Calendar-min (1)

Check out my calendar, next Moon and lunar themes for the rest of 2022 by clicking the link below. You can also grab a free Moon calendar for the year ahead. 

2022 New & Full Moon Calendar

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