What was the Moon Doing When You Were Born?

What Was the Moon Doing When You Were Born

What was the Moon Doing When You Were Born?

At the time you were born, the Moon was doing something. 

It was;

  • In one of the eight phases of the lunar cycle.
  • In one of the twelve signs of the zodiac.
  • Having conversations (aspects) with other planets

All of these influence the lunar energy of your birth chart. 

But what do I even mean by that? 

The planets in your birth chart

Each of the planets (The Sun and Moon are referred to as planets in astrology) provides a way to observe our lives through archetypes. Each planet is associated with a basic universal energy or drive. 

For example:

  • The Sun - Who you are in the world
  • The Moon - Your feelings and emotions
  • Mercury - How you communicate
  • Venus - How you love
  • Mars - How you take action
  • Jupiter - Expansion & growth
  • Saturn - Structure & boundaries
  • Uranus - The force of change
  • Neptune - Dreams and ideas
  • Pluto - Transformation
  • Chiron - The wounded healer 

Your natal Moon

The Moon is connected to your feelings and emotions, and as such it is associated with how you deal with stress and what's going on inside.

This is why the Moon can tell us so much about ourselves, and is often associated with shadow work and what is hidden.

When we explore the emotional and internal world, we often step into the unknown. But it's within that unknown where some of our greatest realisations and personal growth experiences take place.

Your natal Moon phase

Each phase of the Moon is a psychological type with a distinct approach to life. People born near a Full Moon are very different to those born near a New Moon, for example. 

Your natal Moon sign

If the Moon tells us about our emotional selves and how we respond to situations, then the sign the Moon tells us more about how we connect with others, react to situations and deal with stress. 

Your natal Moon aspects

Aspects are relationships or conversations between planets. In your chart, your Moon may or may not have conversations with other planets. These conversations can be positive, easy, challenging, and hard.

Aspects add another dimension to your chart and the power of your Moon.

Why is Your Moon important? 

The main reason is that working with just your Sun (star) sign only gives you part of the picture, and quite often people don't resonate with the characteristics of their Sun sign, and that could be due to the Moon playing a powerful role in that person's chart.

To only work with the Sun will only give you part of the story, and we need the full story if we are to use astrology in our daily lives.

What was YOUR Moon doing when you were born? 

To find this out you need a copy of your birth chart. 

I show you how to get a free birth chart in another article, which you can read by clicking the button below. 

How to Create a Free Birth Chart

To find your Moon, take a look at your birth chart and find the crescent shaped Moon symbol. 

The below birth chart shows the Moon at the top of the chart in the sign of Capricorn. If you take a look at the table next to the chart you can confirm the sign for the Moon. 

Moon sign

What does your Moon sign mean? 

Each Moon sign has a different meaning, and to make it easy to understand, I've created a free 3 page guide for each one.

Check out the details below for free access to my Luna Moth Cosmic Community and get your three page guide to your Moon sign vibe today!

Join my free Luna Moth Cosmic Community 

Join the FREE Luna Moth Cosmic Community and find out what sign the Moon was in when you were born and what it means for you.

Come in and find out what your Moon sign says about you!

This is a free space where I share fascinating information about working with astrology and the Moon, and right now we are exploring your Moon sign. 

What is your Moon sign?

This is the sign of the zodiac the Moon was in at your exact moment of birth. 

Why is your Moon sign important?

Your Moon sign tells you about your emotional self, why you feel the way you do, and connects you to your inner world and intuitive side. 

Don't know what time you were born? 

This is really common and although it makes it difficult to create a detailed birth chart, we can often work out your Moon sign, and inside the Luna Moth Cosmic Community I show you how. 

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