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During a lunar orbit, the Moon follows an elliptical path, travelling through all 12 signs of the zodiac in 27.32 days.

As she travels through each sign, spending around 2.5 days in each, the energy changes, taking you on a journey of growth and self-discovery, supporting your needs as she goes.

By tuning into the lunar energies and working with, rather than against the support available, it is possible to experience greater flow in your life.

Three Ways to Find Out What Sign The Moon is in

  1. You can check out my Moons of the Month Blog on my website
  2. You can follow me on Instagram and Facebook where I share the changes in Moon sign in real time.
  3. Follow the below tutorial where I show you how to use Astro Seek to get the exact dates and times for the Moon sign changes for your time zone.

Finding the Moon Sign for Your Time Zone

Astro Seek is an amazing free website where you can grab lots of astrological data. In the below tutorial, I show you how to find out what sign the Moon is in for your time zone.

Step 1 - Log into Astro Seek

Either create or log into your Astro Seek account.

To create a free account go to astro-seek.com and create a free account by selecting Register under the login box.


Why create a free account?

By doing so, you will enter your birth details and current location details which means that every time you use the site, you will have access to the information you need for your birth location or current location. This is especially useful if you now live in a different time zone to the one you were born under.


Step 2 - Locate Moon Sign Information

  • Go to Free Horoscopes by clicking on the menu header - don’t choose anything from the drop down as you want the full menu.


  • Scroll down (quite a way) until you see the section for Various Astro Calculations. Choose Direct Ingresses from the Event Calculation - Returns and Ingresses section.

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  • From the drop down boxes, choose Moon, the year and the month and press Calculate Ingresses.

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  • You will then be presented with a table of the dates and times the Moon changes sign for the whole month.

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What Does Each Moon Sign Mean?

I’m so glad you asked, because I’ve created a free download that guides you along the Moon’s Journey through the zodiac.

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