What I’m doing in August

What I'm Doing in August-min

What I’m doing in August…

I’ve decided to try something a little different at the start of each month, and share with you what I’m doing for the month ahead.

I’ve created this based on the idea of creating a now page by Derek Sivers, on your website, that talks about what you are focused on at this point in your life.

So here goes….

Training for the Yorkshire Three Peaks

In September, I plan to hike the Yorkshire Three Peaks solo in under 10 hours. I’ve been training for this for the past two months. August is my final month of training, and the distances and therefore time on my feet is getting bigger.

Check out my blog post Finding Ways to Challenge Yourself if you would like to know more about the challenge and my training plan.

Reading More

Somewhere along the line, I’ve stopped reading. I thought it was because I spend a lot of time at the computer and often use reference books in my work. Actually, I think it’s more likely I’ve just gotten out of the habit of making time to read. I’ve set myself a challenge to read at least 10 pages every day to get back the habit of reading.

Healthy Cooking & Eating

After finishing my 14 day Super Blend Me Challenge (juice cleanse with smoothies), I’m still on smoothies for two meals a day with a balanced meal in the evening. On the weekend, I’m allowing myself much more freedom. I’m gradually cooking a lot more too, and plan to continue experimenting with cooking new healthy recipes.

Spend a Month with a Business Mentor

I’m super excited to be working with the amazing Emma Holmes from Rebels and Rockstars this month. I’ve worked with Emma on and off over the past 8 years, and every time we get together magick happens in my business, and I’m ready for some serious Magick!

Mapping my Whole Business in Notion

I’ve been using Notion for around 6 months now and it has transformed the way I work. Notion is a project management and note-taking software like no other. As an astrologer, I am able to use Notion to create my own personal database of astrological information and forecasts which makes my inner geek very happy. This month, to tie in with spending a month with a business mentor, I plan to use Notion to map out my business growth journey to support fully stepping into the shoes of content creator and astrologer. Exciting stuff!

Other Business Stuff

  • Launching the Cosmically Curious Podcast - It’s a little later than I hoped, but getting there for August
  • Releasing a brand new free mini video series on working with the Moon
  • Preparing to open the doors to the Moon Portal for the second and final time this year (doors open in September).

Other Personal Stuff

  • Get back into drawing again
  • Plan next year's trip to the Alps
  • Go hiking with my Dad
  • Go Mountain biking with Dave

Currently Reading  

  • Building a Second Brain by Tiago Forte

Currently Watching  

  • Yellowstone Season 3
  • Stranger Things Season 1
  • Legacies Season 4

Tell me your thoughts?

What have you got planned for August? 

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