What can your birth chart teach you about yourself?

What can your birth chart teach you about yourself-min

Your birth chart is a snap shot of the sky when you were born.

Everyone’s chart is different, and those differences make up our unique characteristics and personality traits.

By exploring your birth chart, you can learn more about who you are, giving you the tools you need to navigate your life.

The Structure of your Birth Chart

The basic structure of your birth chart consists of Sun, Moon and planets. Each one is found in a zodiac sign and an astrological house.

  • The Sun, Moon and planets represent a particular human drive.
  • The zodiac sign represents how a planet expresses itself.
  • The houses are the life area the planet influences.

The Sun and Moon are two of the three most important parts of your chart. The third is your Ascendant, also known as your rising sign.

Let’s go through some of the amazing things your birth chart can teach you about yourself.

Your Sun Sign

Your Sun represents your life purpose, your personality, and how you show up in the world. The sign the Sun is in shows how you shine, while the house the Sun is in shows the area of life where you need to shine. Any planets communicating with your Sun show what influences your ability to shine.

By exploring your Sun sign, you will understand more about your purpose, identity, and how you show up in the world.

Your Ascendant (Rising Sign)

Your ascendant or rising sign is your motivation for life. The sign shows your life's motivation. The ruling planet of your ascendant controls your motivation and is also your chart ruler. The sign of your ascendants ruling planet shows the style in which you move forward. The house of your ascendants ruling planet shows where your motivation lies.

By exploring your ascendant, you will understand more about your outlook on life.

Your Moon Sign

Your Moon sign represents your physical and emotional needs. The sign shows how you meet these needs, while the house shows the area of life where you meet these needs. Any planets communicating with your Moon show what influences your ability to meet your needs.

The phase the Moon was in when you were born adds another dimension to your understanding of your Moon sign, as the energy of the Moon phase will be expressed during your life.

By exploring your Moon, you will understand more about what you need to feel safe and secure, as well as how you will react during times of stress and challenge.

The Planets

The Personal Planets

The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars represent your core character.

  • Mercury shows how you communicate.
  • Venus shows how you love.
  • Mars shows how you take action.

By exploring the personal planets, you will understand more about your drive and your core characteristics.

The Social Planets

Jupiter and Saturn are the planets that connect us to the world.

  • Jupiter is about expansion and growth.
  • Saturn is about structure and boundaries.

By exploring the Social Planets, you will understand more about how you interact within social groups, such as your family, friends and society.

The Transpersonal Planets

Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are slow orbiting planets that represent the era we live in and have a generational influence on our lives.

  • Uranus is the force of change.
  • Neptune is about your dreams and ideas.
  • Pluto is connected to transformation.

By exploring the transpersonal planets, you will understand more about how political and social ideals will feature in your life.

The Aspects

Planetary aspects are the relationships or conversations between the planets in your chart. When two or more planets form an aspect, they provide an additional influencing theme to the planet.

There are major and minor aspects which have major and minor influences. Some of those influences are challenging and character building, while others are easy and flowing.

Understanding the conversations between the planets in your chart can highlight where you need to focus your attention.

The Houses

Your chart is split into 12 parts. These are the houses, and each represents a different life area. There are multiple systems of house division, with the most common being the Placidus system.

The 12 houses represent the following life areas:

  • 1st House - Image - Beginnings, personal approach to life
  • 2nd House - MoneyResources, possessions, money and values
  • 3rd House - Communication - Mind, listening and talking
  • 4th House - HomeFamily background, home and current family
  • 5th House - CreativityPleasures, fun, pride
  • 6th House - Service - Routines, daily work, health, service
  • 7th house - Love - Partnerships and relationships
  • 8th House - Transformation - Death, rebirth and shared finances
  • 9th House - Big Picture - Philosophy, knowledge, travel
  • 10th House - Career, Life Path - Life direction, reputation, education
  • 11th House - FriendshipSocial life, hopes and dreams
  • 12th House - Secrets - Beliefs, self-undoing, private self
By exploring the houses, you can focus more on a specific area of your life.

Your Birth Chart & The New & Full Moons

If you take your birth chart and mark out the positions of each new and full Moon through the signs of the zodiac, you can identify the house the Moon activates for you.

By exploring the new and full Moons alongside your birth chart, you will discover the life area you are being guided to work with, personalising your new and full Moon experience.

Explore the Language of Your Birth Chart

The Language of Your Birth Chart Report is your personalised introductory guide to the signs, symbols and meaning of your birth chart.

Let me take you step by step through the structure of your chart in a way you can learn from and build upon.

Find Out More and Secure Your Report Today!

Language of Your Birth Chart Report-min

What Makes this Birth Chart Report Different?

The Language of Your Birth Chart Astrology Report is not a computer generated report created with a couple of clicks in some astrology software.

Instead, this report is a personalised, visually stunning document that works as a learning tool.

Inside this report, I show you how to identify the pieces of your birth chart story for yourself. Making this the first step of your journey into the exciting and magickal world of astrology.

By knowing more about where the planets were hanging out at the time you were born, you will gain valuable insights about who you are and why you do the things you do.

By understanding the language of your birth chart, you unlock the door to your future potential, healing, growth and success.


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