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The New Moon in Virgo Could Change Your Life (1)-min

On 27th August, we celebrate the New Moon in Vigo by embracing this practical earth energy and allowing it to support our lives by getting more organised.

Now, before you switch off at the idea of productivity, systems, processes and organisation, I want you to consider one thing.

This new Moon could change your life!

Yeah, I know, huge statement.

But imagine if you choose to make a change to one area of your life, which is currently chaotic, out of control, stressful and overwhelming. The result could be that you no longer feel those things about that life area, which could be potentially life changing.

When is the New Moon in Virgo?

I’m in the UK and the New Moon in Virgo takes place on 27th August @ 09:16. Check below for your time zone. and get the date in your diary.

  • BST - 27th August @ 09:16
  • Eastern Time 27th August @ 04:16
  • Pacific Time 27th August @ 01:16
  • Mountain Time 27th August @ 02:16
  • Australian Eastern Time 27th August @ 18:16
  • Australian Western Time - 27th August @ 16:16

Working with New Moon Energy

New Moon energy is about new beginnings. It’s the start of the lunar cycle and signifies a fresh start.

Fresh starts are great, as we get to draw a line under what’s gone before. But fresh starts can also be intimidating, as there’s an invisible pressure to achieve something new.

I like to view new Moons as a cleansing energy shift. At the new Moon, I have two choices:

  • I can continue to focus on what I’ve not achieved and what didn’t work out, and I can then carry that heavy energy around with me.
  • Or, I can embrace a new energy and a fresh start, and get ready to come at life with a brand new sense of motivation and determination.

Looking at those options, I obviously want the second, but that one requires effort and focus to achieve, which is where my new Moon practice comes in. I talk more about that later.

New Moon energy gives us the chance to reset ourselves every four weeks. Choosing to work with the new Moon is the difference between remaining in old energy and moving into new.

It’s Not All Woo-Woo

Working with the Moon may seem a bit like spiritual woo-woo to many, but it’s an ancient practice that still has a place in our modern world.

I love a bit of woo, but at the same time I’m a very logical and practical person who strives to take astrological principles and give them a useful, goal orientated application to my life.

This is how I teach working with the Moon inside my Moon Portal Online Membership.

What’s Virgo Got to Do With Things?

Each new Moon takes place in a different sign of the zodiac, and that sign of the zodiac themes the new Moon and the lunar cycle ahead, lasting four weeks.

As we explore the new Moon, we dive deep into the theme brought forward by the zodiac sign and apply that to our life. By exploring all of the new Moons of the year, we touch on different life areas as we go, making our journey of self-discovery more expansive and varied.

In the sign of Virgo, this new Moon is practical, intelligent and analytical. As an Earth sign, Virgo is grounded, solid and real, focusing on tangible outcomes.

To work with this new Moon, it’s important to embrace the theme of Virgo and consider how that theme applies to your life right now.

Creating Strong Systems with the Virgo Moon

Foundations, systems, processes.....when these things are in place, life runs more smoothly, with less effort, giving you more time to do the things you love. During the new Moon in Virgo cycle, build the things you need to create a strong foundation for you to live the life you love. Don't be afraid of setting up systems, processes and boundaries to make your life easier.

Inside the Moon Portal this month, we use divination, journaling, goal setting and new Moon manifesting to explore this theme.

I’ve asked the members to use these tools to discover the most important thing that needs to be improved in their lives right now.

Working with new Moon energy is all about exploring one thing that goes on to make a big difference. There is huge power and transformation in making one change, one shift, one improvement every four weeks, and showing up for this commitment takes very little effort with huge rewards.

Tuning in to the New Moon

My new Moon practice is 50% listening and 50% action taking.

The listening part involves being aware of the energies of the new Moon, noticing how I feel, being curious about the thoughts and ideas that come to mind. I slow down and allow myself to think and ponder during this time. I also journal a lot and find noting down anything that comes to mind helpful later on.

The action taking part is about creating action steps, making plans, setting goals and being practical with the awareness I gained during the listening part. Sometimes this can be as simple as creating a to-do list, other times it’s more elaborate and connected to my life path and soul purpose.

Things to do on the New Moon

Looking for something to do on the new Moon? Check out my list of things to do on the new Moon. Pick one or two that resonate with you, and explore the energy of the upcoming new Moon.

  • Disconnect & Unplug
    • Turn off your phone
    • Take a social media break
    • Have a tech-free day
    • Find peace, tranquillity and solitude
  • Create Space
    • Declutter your physical space
    • Clear the body by practising yoga or bathing
    • Clear the mind with meditation and journaling
    • Block time in your diary just to be with yourself
  • Find Stillness
    • Be deliberately slow
    • Do everything more mindfully
    • Take moments to just be in your own energy
    • Use nature to help you relax
  • Explore Your Internal World
    • Journal and explore the theme of the New Moon
    • Set your new Moon intentions and wishes
    • Use your Tarot or Oracle cards to dive deeper into the energy of this New Moon
    • Ask yourself how you feel, answer honestly, and explore what comes up for you

I Don’t Have Time For All This Moon Stuff?

I live a busy life, and the amount of time I can dedicate to my lunar practice varies Moon to Moon.

At the very least, I spend 30-60 minutes with my tarot cards to tune into the lunar theme and set my intentions for the cycle ahead.

If I have more time, I spend it journaling, exploring, mapping out goals, creating to do lists, and talking to like-minded people about what’s coming up for me. I may even start to dive into some reading, researching or learning. It all depends on where I’m guided and how much time I’ve got.

I see my lunar practice as a form of self care. By taking some time for myself at each new Moon and embracing this energetic reset point, I’m able to connect with myself and explore my emotional, mental and physical needs.

I know how important it is for me to check in with myself on a regular basis, especially if I want to function at my best.

The Moon gives me a self-care calendar to work with and use to my advantage. This is just one of the many reasons I love working with the Moon.

Tell Me Your Thoughts

What one thing in your life that is currently chaotic could you simplify and organise to make life easier/ 

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