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Each month, we are influenced by the energetic themes of the Moon as she moves through the phases and signs.

To help you keep track of these changes, you will find the New & Full Moons, Moon Phase and Moon Sign for the month ahead.

Bookmark this article to return to throughout the month to help keep you on track. Or even better, grab your calendar and mark the dates and themes to help you navigate the energetic flow for the month. 

New & Full Moons of August

Our two most significant lunar events of the month are the New and Full Moons.

Full Moon in Aquarius - Collaborate and Grow

GMT - 12th August @ 02:35 | Eastern Time 11th August @ 21:35| Pacific Time 11th August @ 18:35| Mountain Time 11th August @ 19:35| Australian Eastern Time 12th August @ 11:35| Australian Western Time - 12th August @ 09:35|

Date: 12th August @ 02:35 UK Time

Position: @ 19.21 degrees in Aquarius

Theme: Collaborate and Grow

Back in February, at the new Moon in Aquarius, you were asked to open your eyes to the possibility and potential, especially when it came to finding solutions to challenges. How did that go? Did you believe you didn't have to do it all alone? Perhaps you realised that being part of a partnership could be beneficial? Collaboration can take many forms, what does this look like for you?

New Moon in Virgo - Creating Strong Systems

GMT - 27th August @ 09:16 | Eastern Time 27th August @ 04:16| Pacific Time 27th August @ 01:16| Mountain Time 27th August @ 02:16| Australian Eastern Time 27th August @ 18:16| Australian Western Time - 27th August @ 16:16|

Date: 27th August @ 09:16 UK Time

Position: @ 04:03 degrees in Virgo

Theme: Creating Strong Systems

Foundations, systems, processes.....when these things are in place, life runs more smoothly, with less effort, giving you more time to do the things you love. During the new Moon in Virgo cycle, build the things you need to create a strong foundation for you to live the life you love. Don't be afraid of setting up systems, processes and boundaries to make your life easier.

Go Deeper with the New & Full Moons

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Moon Phases

The Moon goes through eight distinct phases of her lunar cycle, lasting approximately 3.7 days each. Each phase has a different energetic theme associated with it.

Here are the phases for the month of August:

  • 1st August, Waxing Crescent - Start Moving Forward
  • 5th August, First Quarter - Explore the Discomfort
  • 8th August, Waxing Gibbous - Trust the Process
  • 12th August, Full Moon in Aquarius (see above)
  • 15th August, Waning Gibbous - Release & Let Go
  • 19th August, Last Quarter - Inner Conflict
  • 23rd August, Waning Crescent - Slow Down
  • 27th August, New Moon in Virgo (see above)
  • 31st August, Waxing Crescent - Start Moving Forward

Moon Signs

During a lunar orbit of the Earth, which lasts 27.32 days, the Moon moves through all twelve signs of the zodiac, spending approximately 2.5 days in each sign.

Each sign brings forward a different energy, and by tuning into the lunar energies and working with, rather than against the support available, you can experience greater flow in your life.

Here are the Moon signs for the month of August:

  • 6th August, Moon enters Sagittarius - Make Space for Expansion
  • 8th August, Moon enters Capricorn - Make Plans & Organise
  • 10th August, Moon enters Aquarius - Embrace the Unique
  • 12th August, Moon enters Pisces - Trust Your Intuition
  • 14th August, Moon enters Aries - Take Focused Action
  • 17th August, Moon enters Taurus - Establish your Routine
  • 19th August, Moon enters Gemini - Socially Active⁠
  • 22nd August, Moon enters Cancer - Nurture & Self-Care⁠
  • 24th August, Moon enters Leo - Find Passion in Creativity⁠
  • 27th August, Moon enters Virgo - Get Organised
  • 29th August, Moon enters Libra - Balance & Harmony⁠
  • 31st August, Moon enters Scorpio - Go Deep⁠

Explore the Moons Journey Through the Zodiac

Download your free guide to the lunar journey. 

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What’s Next?

Want to know more about the astrology of the month ahead outside of the phases and the signs? 

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