Setting Powerful New Moon Intentions

Setting Powerful New Moon Intentions (2)-min

Setting Powerful New Moon Intentions

Why Should You Set New Moon Intentions, and Does it Work?

If you are Moon curious, or already work with the power of the Moon, then you will have heard about setting your intentions, wishes, goals and dreams at the new Moon.

But why is this phase so important, and does it make a difference?

Let’s take a look.

The New Moon Cycle

New Moon energy is all about new beginnings.

It is the first phase of the lunar cycle. A time when we can’t see the Moon in the sky due to the position of the Sun.

The energy we work with during this ‘non-visible’ time is internal and reflective.

Approximately every four weeks, we experience a new Moon in a different sign of the zodiac. This is the same sign that the Sun is in, as both the Sun and Moon are hanging around the same degree of that zodiac sign.

New Moon Theme

The zodiac sign themes each new Moon, and that theme stays with us throughout the lunar cycle until the next new Moon approximately four weeks later.

The Full Moon

Half way between two new Moons, we experience a full Moon in the opposite sign of the zodiac to the Sun and new Moon.

This is the energetic climax of the lunar cycle, and it adds another layer of energy to the new Moon cycle we currently experience.

The Lunar Year

As every new Moon is in a different sign of the zodiac, we are encouraged to explore a different life area every cycle.

The great thing about this is that during the course of a year we work through all twelve zodiac themes. This supports the complete exploration of life areas without missing out on the bits we don’t want to deal with.

New Moon Goals & Dreams

Showing up and working with the new Moons of the year is a great way to focus on your goals, dreams and personal development.

Each cycle, we are given the opportunity to dive deep and upgrade a different area of our lives.

Intention setting on the new Moon is powerful, because it is in alignment with the energy around us.

Making wishes, setting intentions, brainstorming your goals, dreams, ambitions or whatever you want to call it, is supported by the new Moon. By reviewing what you want to achieve in your life every four weeks you are actively working towards what you want, and this action makes a big difference.

But, Does it Really Work?

In my option, and the option of many of my Moon Portal members, yes it does. However, learning how to manifest your dreams with the power of the Moon takes practice and understanding.

Three Things that Make Moon Wishes Come True

In my personal opinion, there are three main factors to consider when making dreams come true with the power of the Moon.

  1. Be realistic
  2. Be in alignment
  3. Be active

1. Be Realistic

The goals, wishes and dreams you want to manifest need to be possible. Asking to win the lottery, for example, isn’t going to come true by wishing on the new Moon, as there are too many unknown factors involved, and you can’t actively work towards this goal.

Your goals need to be broken down into manageable and achievable pieces. For example, moving house might be your big goal, and that’s great. But for one lunar cycle, your house moving goal might be to get your current house ready for sale, or if the house is on the market, you may want to secure 10 viewings in a month.

2. Be in Alignment

Ask yourself, “are you in alignment with your goal?”

What I mean by this is, do you believe it can happen? And more importantly, do you believe you deserve it to happen?

If either of these things are out of alignment, it makes manifesting anything so much harder to achieve.

So, if you are struggling to manifest something into your life, take a good, hard, honest look at the beliefs around your goal.

3. Be Active

Manifesting is NOT a passive process. I’ve typed that in capitals for a reason, as I get a lot of messages asking why the thing someone wants to manifest hasn’t happened yet and my first question is “what steps are you taking to turn it into a reality? I often get a breakdown of the wish writing ritual, and not a list of things that were done to make it possible.

The ritual is only one part of the process, that’s how you tell the Universe what you want, but if you want to really make things happen, you must take action.

You can’t set an intention, sit back and wait for it to come to you.

However, by being realistic, in alignment, taking action, you allow the synchronicities, opportunities and magick to flow with greater ease, making your dreams more likely to manifest into your life.

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