New Moon in Taurus - May 2024

New Moon in Taurus

Welcome to this deep dive into the upcoming New Moon in Taurus. This celestial event offers a potent moment for setting intentions and nurturing personal growth. Let's explore what this means for you and how you can best use this time to increase stability and prosperity in your life.

When and Where

Mark your calendars for the New Moon in Taurus, occurring at varied times across the globe:

  • BST: 8th May 2024 @ 4:21
  • Eastern Time: 7th May 2024 @ 23:21
  • Pacific Time: 7th May 2024 @ 20:21
  • Mountain Time: 7th May 2024 @ 21:21
  • Australian Eastern Time: 8th May 2024 @ 13:21
  • Australian Western Time: 8th May 2024 @ 11:21

The Astrology

May New Moon in Taurus

The New Moon in Taurus forms a beneficial aspect with Saturn, known as a sextile. This alignment enhances the energy of the New Moon, emphasising structure, stability, and long-term planning. The influence of Saturn invites discipline and commitment to our new beginnings, making this an excellent time for setting intentions that require persistence and dedication.

The Theme: Grounded Growth

Under the influence of Taurus, a sign that values security, comfort, and the finer things in life, this New Moon encourages us to ground ourselves and focus on building sustainable growth. Taurus energy is all about appreciating what we have while working patiently towards what we want. Consider what areas of your life need more stability and think about practical steps you can take to enhance your sense of security.

Set Your Intentions

Setting intentions during a New Moon is a powerful way to manifest your goals. This Taurus New Moon is particularly potent for intentions related to financial stability, personal values, and self-worth. Reflect on your relationship with money and material possessions. Are you in harmony with your values and the way you manage your resources? Set intentions that align with your true priorities and plan for long-term abundance.

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Resources for Your Journey

To further your understanding and enhance your New Moon experience, explore these additional resources:

Final Thoughts

This New Moon in Taurus is a wonderful opportunity to plant the seeds of intention for a flourishing future. Use this time to connect with the earthy energy of Taurus, grounding yourself in what truly matters. Remember, the most profound changes often start with a simple, steadfast intention. Happy manifesting!

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