New Moon in Gemini: June 2024 - Quick and Bright Communication

Gemini New Moon

New Moon in Gemini: June 2024 - Quick and Bright Communication

It’s time to get ready for a versatile, quick, chatty and energetic new Moon in the sign of Gemini. Here’s what you need to know.


New Moons are about new beginnings, and right now we get ready to set our intentions for the next four weeks in the theme of Gemini. The Gemini New Moon invites you to explore your thoughts and consider how you express yourself and, who knows, perhaps it will bring with it a newfound clarity and creativity.

In this blog, I will share with you the significance of the New Moon in the sign of Gemini. Together we will explore the energies it brings, and I will guide you on how to tune into its power for personal growth and self-development.

The below image is from my journal last week. (I use a ReMarkable tablet). This entry feels connected to the upcoming Gemini energy. Gemini is such a busy sign and it’s really easy to get caught up in lots of activities and too much conversation. Some people find this energy extremely overwhelming, but even so, it can be the perfect time to notice just how ‘busy’ you are and the purpose or goal behind your busy tasks.

My Business Journaling

Mark Your Calendars - Dates for Your Diary

The New Moon in Gemini will take place on 6th June 2024. Here are the times in different time zones:

  • UK (BST): 6th June 2024 @ 13:37
  • Eastern Time (ET): 6th June 2024 @ 08:37
  • Central Time (CT): 6th June 2024 @ 07:37
  • Mountain Time (MT): 6th June 2024 @ 06:37
  • Pacific Time (PT): 6th June 2024 @ 05:37
  • Australian Eastern Time (AET): 6th June 2024 @ 22:37
  • Australian Western Time (AWT): 6th June 2024 @ 20:37

Position: 16.17 degrees in Gemini

Theme of the New Moon: Quick and Bright Communication

This is your opportunity to connect and learn from Gemini’s versatile and communicative energy. Take a moment to pause and set intentions related to intellectual pursuits, communication, and the exchange of ideas. Be adaptable, open-minded, and expressive, allowing the energies to inspire new conversations and learning experiences.

Astrological Insights for this New Moon in Gemini

The chart for this New Moon (below) shows the astrological sky at the exact date and time the New Moon in Gemini takes place.

Take a look at the Moon symbol near the top of the chart. You can see that the zodiac glyph is in the sign of Gemini. And it’s not the only one in that sign. Venus, the Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter are also in Gemini.

This concentration of planets in Gemini means we will feel the intensity of this New Moon in a big way making it an ideal time to really tune into those Gemini vibes.

New Moon in Gemini June 2024 Chart

Looking back at the chart, notice how the Moon, Sun, and Mercury are within the same degree. You can see this from the numbers near the planet symbols.

These planets are in conjunction with each other, meaning their energies are combined. The Sun, Moon, and Venus are personal planets, influencing the personal aspects of our lives during this new Moon event.

Also, if you take a look at the red line with a square symbol heading from the Moon, Sun, and Venus to Saturn, we can see a challenging aspect (communication) at play during this New Moon.

Saturn, the planet of restriction and limitation, highlights where there are obstacles in our lives and perhaps where there is a need for greater discipline.

This aspect can also heighten feelings of isolation and tension. These feeling already existed but may become more noticeable around this New Moon.

It’s important to remember that although Saturn can be challenging, it is also known as the Great Teacher, reminding us that lessons can always be learned and growth can always be achieved.

With all this Gemini energy, we have a uniquely powerful time for setting intentions related to intellectual pursuits, communication, and the exchange of ideas. Use it to embrace the mental agility and quick thinking that Gemini offers, and start new conversations and learning experiences that take you towards your big goals.

Mini-Glossary of Astrological Terms

And here’s the science bit!

Take a look at the definitions for some of the words I use in the blog to improve your astrological understanding as you read.

  • Astrological Chart: A map of the sky at a specific time and place, showing the positions of the planets and other celestial bodies in relation to the Earth.
  • New Moon: The lunar phase when the Moon is between the Earth and the Sun, and its illuminated side is facing away from the Earth, making it invisible from our perspective. It signifies new beginnings and a time to set intentions.
  • Zodiac Glyph: A symbol representing one of the twelve signs of the zodiac. For example, the symbol for Gemini looks like two parallel lines with a top and a bottom.
  • Gemini: The third sign of the zodiac, symbolised by the Twins. It is associated with communication, adaptability, and intellectual curiosity.
  • Conjunction: An aspect where two or more planets are at the same degree in the zodiac, meaning their energies are combined and intensified.
  • Personal Planets: The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. These planets are considered personal because they influence day-to-day aspects of our lives and our individual personalities.
  • Aspect: The angle between two planets on an astrological chart. Aspects indicate how the planets interact with each other.
  • Square: A challenging aspect formed when two planets are 90 degrees apart. It often represents obstacles, tension, and the need for adjustment.
  • Saturn: A planet known for its association with restriction, limitation, discipline, and lessons. It is often referred to as the "great teacher" because of the growth and wisdom that can come from overcoming its challenges.
  • Intellectual Pursuits: Activities that engage the mind, such as learning, studying, writing, and exchanging ideas.
  • Mental Agility: The ability to think quickly and clearly, adapt to new information, and come up with creative solutions.

Astro Symbols Simplified

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Feeling the Energy of the New Moon

New Moons are not just about setting intentions; they’re about truly feeling and connecting with the energy.

During this new Moon, it’s a time to embrace the Gemini qualities of curiosity, adaptability, and communication. You might notice an urge to learn new things, perhaps you are chattier than usual, or you choose to explore new ways of thinking.

On a personal level, you may feel more mentally active and eager to connect with others. This New Moon encourages us to reach out, share our thoughts, and be open to the perspectives of those around us. Consider starting a new project, especially one that involves writing, teaching, or any form of communication.

To harness the energy of this New Moon, engage in activities that stimulate your mind and improve your connections with others. Join a discussion group, start a new book, or take a short course on a topic that fascinates you.

Gemini’s energy is also connected to adaptability and flexibility. So, be open to change and willing to adjust your plans as new information becomes available. This is a period for brainstorming and thinking outside the box, so let your creativity flow.

This New Moon and Your Birth Chart

To understand the personal impact of this New Moon in your life, take a look at your birth chart and find Gemini in the zodiac wheel.

Do you have any planets in that sign?

Which astrological house does it fall under?

The theme of the planets in Gemini in your chart highlights areas of influence and impact, and the house determines the life area where you will experience these influences. This can provide valuable insights into how to align your intentions with the energies of this New Moon.

Setting New Moon Intentions - New Moon in Gemini

New Moons are all about new beginnings and fresh starts. They provide us with a cosmic reset button every four weeks, making it a great time to set intentions in line with the New Moon theme. Use New Moons to plant the seed of what you want to grow in your life.

Here are some ideas for setting intentions in line with the energy of the Gemini New Moon:

  1. Social Interactions: Focus on building and nurturing your social connections. Set intentions to meet new people, strengthen existing relationships, or participate in community activities. This could be the ideal time to join a club, start a study group, or reconnect with old friends.
  2. Learning: Gemini's energy is perfect for intellectual pursuits. Consider setting intentions related to learning something new. This could involve starting a new course, picking up a hobby that stimulates your mind, or dedicating time to reading and expanding your knowledge.
  3. Communication: Enhance your communication skills by setting intentions to express yourself more clearly and effectively. This might include working on your writing, speaking, or listening skills. You could also set goals for starting a blog, writing a book, or simply having more meaningful conversations with those around you.

To get the most out of setting your intentions, be specific and write them down. Visualise the outcomes you desire and focus on the steps you need to take to achieve them. The New Moon in Gemini supports adaptability and curiosity, so remain open to new possibilities and be willing to adjust your intentions as needed.

New Moon in Gemini Journaling Prompt

Journaling is a great tool for self-reflection. During this New Moon in Gemini, consider the following journaling prompt:

"What new ideas or projects am I excited about, and how can I communicate my thoughts and intentions clearly to bring them to life?"

Making the New Moon in Gemini Journey Personal

I have a lot of Gemini in my chart. By that, I mean that Gemini is a busy sign for me compared to the others. I have three planets hanging out in there: Mars, Venus, and Jupiter. This means that when I look at the influence of this New Moon in my chart, it has a lot of layers to consider.

Gemini is the chatty, social, quick-thinking sign of the zodiac, and I often struggle to connect with it as I consider myself quite shy and not particularly social. However, my brain is always on, full of ideas, thoughts, and questions. For me, Gemini shows up in my curious mind and fast-paced brain.

Knowing this helps me to explore this New Moon from my perspective. It allows me to understand how the Gemini energy influences my thoughts and actions. Even though I might not be the most socially active person, I can embrace Gemini's energy by focusing on my intellectual pursuits and finding ways to communicate my thoughts and ideas.

For me, this New Moon is a perfect opportunity to set intentions that align with my strengths. I can use this time to develop new ideas, plan exciting projects, and find creative ways to express myself. By tuning into the Gemini vibes, I can make the most of this New Moon's energy and continue to grow and evolve.

Wrapping Up the Gemini New Moon Magic

As we spend the next four weeks in the energy of the New Moon in Gemini, I encourage you to share your experiences and insights.

How are you planning to harness the versatile and communicative energy of this New Moon?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below or email me at

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