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The Wild Unknown

I’m a collector of decks

I consider myself a ‘collector’ of decks. I enjoy both Tarot & Oracle card decks, but tend to sway more towards Tarot.

Collecting decks is a bit of an obsession for me. Although I have over 80 decks in my collection, I do have preferences to the types of decks I pick.

When I first started, any deck would do. If it was new, I wanted it. Then I realised that I didn’t feel joy at owning a collection with so many decks that didn’t resonate with me.

So, I sold part of my collection and decided to only bring in decks which are:

  • Created by a favourite deck author
  • Designed by indie deck creators
  • Have a theme that I associate with my personal tastes and interests

Favourite deck authors

I have a number of deck authors who have created multiple decks, and I would rate as being a favourite, including:

But there is one author who stands out above the rest for me, and that’s Kim Krans.

Kim Krans, Author of The Wild Unknown Series

The Wild Unknown Tarot

Back in 2012, Kim released her first deck. The Wild Unknown Tarot. This became one of those decks that you just had to have, as it was all over Instagram. Being hand-drawn, it was noticeably different to much of the mass produced stuff out there.

Deck Reviews

Check out these deck reviews for more details:

Wild Unknown Tarot-min (1)

The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit

A few years later, there was the release of the complimentary Oracle card deck called The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit. The amazing thing about this deck is how well it works alongside the Wild Unknown Tarot.

The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit-min

The Wild Unknown Archetypes

Kim’s next deck was The Wild Unknown Archetypes Deck, which really shook things up a bit. With circular cards and deep meanings connected to the complexities of personality, behaviours and tendencies, this felt like nothing I’d ever used before.

Deck Reviews

Check out these deck reviews for more details:

The Wild Unknown Archetypes-min (1)

The Wild Unknown Alchemy

And finally…..and I mean finally, as this is to be Kim’s final deck in the Wild Unknown series, we have The stunning Wild Unknown Alchemy. This deck is about the connection between the physical and mystical. The cards are hexagonal, which I love, as they can fit together in a matrix, which fascinates me. And as always, the box and guidebook are stunning!.

The Wild Unknown Alchemy-min

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Getting to Know Your Decks

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Interview Your Deck

A Personal Message from Your Deck is a 5 cards spread to feel personally connected to your deck. This spread can be used anytime to get a deeper understanding of what your deck is about. You can use this spread alongside the Interview Your Deck spread for greater understanding.

A Personal Message from Your Deck

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Not just decks!

Blossom & Bones

Kim Krans is not only an amazing deck author, but also an incredible book author.

I purchased Blossom and Bones during lockdown, and I honestly think I saved my sanity. The book is a graphic memoir of her journey through an eating disorder while staying at an ashram for spiritual refuge. For 40 days, she ‘draws the feeling’. I lived through her creativity, while mine disappeared without trace, as I battled depression and anxiety during the pandemic. I found this comforting and found myself getting lost in the pages and feeling understood my the images in the book.

The Wild Unknown Journal

This isn’t a book I currently own, but I plan to purchase when I know I will make time to use it. The journal is an interactive journey to explore your creativity. I have resisted buying it, as I don’t want it to become just another unopened book on my shelves.

Kids Books

Who’s Moon is That? 123 Dream and ABC Dream are beautifully illustrated children’s books which would inspire any mini-human to get creative and dream. And as a lunar lover myself, I probably will buy Who’s Moon is That?

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Tell me your thoughts?

Do you own a Kim Krans deck?

Would you like to start your Kim Krans deck journey?

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