How to Create Your Reality

How to Create Your Reality (3)

Your reality is a choice.

I know this is a big statement that can be hard to agree with, especially when life is kicking you in the teeth.

There's a flow to our lives that doesn't benefit us much, and it's the flow of 'continuing to do what we always have just because it's familiar'

It's an easy flow to be in. We stay there because we are always striving to find ease and flow, but forget to consider that not all flow is best for us.

To create your own reality, you need to ram a stick in the spokes of life and jump off the flow of what feels comfortable and safe.

  • It's scary.
  • It could get messy.
  • But it could also be wild, exciting and liberating!

To create something new, different, desired and dreamed about, you must make a conscious effort to do something differently.

Consider how many times a day, week or month you:

  • Wish things were different
  • Highlight where you want to change your life.
  • Complain about the mundane flow you feel trapped in

When do you acknowledge these moments and make an active change?

Probably somewhere close to never.

And you're not alone.

This is the action, or inaction, of most people.

You already created this reality

You have created the reality you are in right now. Whether you like it or not. But don't worry, as this proves you are powerful and can create your own reality.

Now, you might be shaking your head, saying "this isn't the reality I wanted" and I'm sure that's accurate. But it is the reality that happened based on your thoughts and actions so far.

How to create a different reality

To create a different reality, you must:

  • Get clear on what you want that reality to look like.
  • Feel the feelings and emotions associated with already creating that reality
  • Take action towards manifesting the reality of your dreams.

Try this visualisation exercise

I want you to grab a pen and paper and visualise the reality you want to create for yourself.

Focus on a point in the future where you have already made your dreams come true, and visualise what it looks like.

  • Write out how it feels, what you can hear, who you are with, what you are surrounded by.
  • Visualise what a day in the life looks like for you as you live this dream reality
  • And believe deeply that you are capable of making it happen.

This may be hard to do at first and you will probably have to revisit this multiple times, and that's okay. 

As the day and weeks pass, and you get distracted and lost off from where you should be, come back to your written visualisation and reconnect.

As you find yourself back in the flow of the day to day, rather than building the reality of your dreams, read aloud what you noted in this visualisation, to remind yourself of where you want to be.

Don't get disheartened when you lose your way or get distracted. Instead, come back to this exercise and remind yourself of what you are aiming for.

And if your dreams change?

That's okay!

Things change all the time. And when they do, come back to your visualisation to connect with the upgraded version of your reality.

There is nothing that says you only have one shot at this, so take as many as you need.

It is possible to live several realities within one lifetime.

Good luck! And happy manifesting!

The Moon and Creating Your Reality  

New Moons are the perfect energetic period to work with manifesting your dreams and goals. Setting your intentions and visualising what you want to achieve inline with the energy of the new Moon can supercharge your reality creating powers!

To explore creating your reality in line with the energy of the new Moon, check out the Moons of the 2022 calendar here. Then set some time aside on the next new Moon to go through the visualisation exercise in this article.

Also, check out my articles on Setting Powerful New Moon Intentions and How I Manifested my Dream House on the New Moon

Tell me your thoughts

  • Do you believe you create your own reality? 
  • How have you proven you can create the reality of your dreams in the past? 

Let me know in the comments below

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