"Groundwork" My Word for January

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"Groundwork" My Word for January

I have to admit that my word of the month was a surprise.

Groundwork is such a practical and useful theme.

In the past, my words have mostly been associated with a feeling or energy, such as intuition, creativity or expansion.

For January, under the influence of the Earth energy of the Capricorn new Moon, I am more than delighted with this functional guidance.

I already feel the energy of this theme, and inside me I know that the most important thing about this year is how I set myself up for success during the first month of the year.

Exciting stuff, don't you agree?

Definition; Groundwork, work done in preparation for something that will happen later

In this article, I'm going to share my process for working through the first spread inside the January Seasons & Cycles guide. I encourage you to join me by following this blog or signing up for the Seasons and Cycles 2022 Journey, where you will get access to the full January guide and the guides for every month of 2022.

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Picking a Word of the Month

The energy of January

During the month of January, we are still in the slowness of winter, which asks that we reflect, pause and consider our path so far. However, the collective energy of the planet at this time brings urgency and forward movement.

Consider which energy you feel more in sync with this month, and go with that. Be mindful that it is important to recharge and rest as often as possible before starting a big push.

1. January Exploration

I use Tarot/Oracle cards to help select a word, and I've incorporated this exploration into my Seasons and Cycles Journey guide. 

At the start of this month, I used the first spread from the January Seasons & Cycles guide and pulled two cards.

The first card is about my monthly theme, and the second is my monthly focus.

- The below shows one of the page from the January Seasons and Cycle Guide -

Groundwork - January Exporation - Sarah Cornforth, The Magickal Creatrix-min

2. Choosing a Tarot/Oracle deck

This month, I am using the Seed & Sickle Oracle by Fez Inkwright. This is a stunning botanical deck with two guide books. One for Dawn readings, and the other for Dusk readings.

The Dawn guidebook is about growth and manifestation. While the Dusk guidebook is about self-reflection and inner connection.

As we are in the inception phase of the year (January), and the season of Winter (Slow & Steady) here in the Northern Hemisphere, I chose to work with the Dusk guidebook.

To find out more about this deck, I recommend checking out Benebell Wen's review

Read Seed & Sickle Review by Benebell Wen

The below image shows the Seed and Sickle Oracle Deck - 

Seed & Sickle-min - Sarah Cornforth, The Magickal Creatrix

3. Interpreting the Cards

Position 1 - Theme - Bramble

  • Meaning - For the theme, I pulled the Bramble card. A card that shows raw feelings after difficult times and recommends preparing for the future by growing thorns and choosing a position of strength.
  • My interpretation - I recently moved house, which was challenging during Christmas. Last year, the past two years of pandemic stress took their toll. However, I'm still here, I survived, I'm stronger than I realised. I've also learned a lot about how I do and don't want to live my life during that time too.
  • My January Theme - Inner Strength - The result of making it through challenging times.

The below image shows the Bramble card from the Seed and Sickle Oracle deck - 

Bramble - The Magickal Creatrix-min

Position 2 - Focus - Seed

  • Meaning - The potential for an abundant future is here right now, but it's important to prepare and do the internal work and planning before moving forward.
  • My Interpretation - Each year, I skim over the planning, preparing and internal work to get started and move as fast as possible. This often results in burnout and feeling as though I missed some important steps. I'm resisting the urge to push on before I'm ready.
  • My January Focus - Preparation & Planning - There is no need to move until I'm ready to do so, but also be mindful not to remain in preparation and planning for too long either.

The below image shows the Seed card from the Seed and Sickle Oracle deck - 

Seed - The Magickal Creatrix-min

4. Choosing a Word of the Month

By using the reading from the first two cards, I came up with 'Groundwork' as my January word of the month.

But how?

With the theme of inner strength and the focus of preparing and planning, at first I couldn't think of a word that connected them. So, I wrote down anything that came to mind, no matter how unrelated, and eventually 'Groundwork' showed itself and instantly felt perfect.

 It's important to trust your intuition and allow the word to find you. Honestly, it happens!

What next?

Now that you know your theme, focus and word for the month of January, you can use them to keep you in alignment with the right energy.

For example, if I choose to work with my word of the month, I will focus on setting myself up for success.

In my life, this looks like this;

  • Business - Planning and scoping out the major themes for my business, growth and future success
  • Life - Planning ways to make time and space to do the things I love
  • Health & Fitness - Doing the 'groundwork' to support a health and fitness plan I can stick to all year
  • Money - Knowing my numbers and forecasting my future goals
  • Relationships - Making time for those I love and allowing them to be part of the things I enjoy

The Remainder of January

This January exploration spread is just a small way to connect with the energetic themes of the month ahead.

Inside the Seasons & Cycles guide, I show you how to explore the guidance from the following using Tarot/Oracle in the same way.

  • Season of Winter - 5 card spread
  • Mercury Retrograde - 6 card spread
  • New Moon in Capricorn - 2 card spread
  • Full Moon in Cancer - 2 card spread
  • Sun in Aquarius - 2 card spread
  • January Reflection - 6 exploration & expansion questions 

- The below image shows the January Guide Front Cover - 

January Seasons & Cycles (1)-min

The Remainder of the Year

Throughout the year, month by month, the Seasons and Cycles journey will take you through the ebb and flow of the cosmic, cyclic, seasonal and magickal energies.

Each month we work through:

  • Monthly Exploration
  • Word of the Month
  • New Moon
  • Full Moon
  • Season
  • Sun Sign
  • Wheel of the Year
  • Monthly Reflection

- The below image shows the guides for all 12 months of the year - 

12 Months Seasons & Cycles-min

It's not too late to join!

I would love for you to join me on this journey through 2022.

My promise to you is that if you show up each month to connect with the themes in your monthly guide, you will start to see the results I've witnessed in myself, including:

  • Being more aware of my own energy
  • Identifying my dreams and goals with ease
  • A feeling of inner knowing and understanding
  • Finding it easier to plan ahead
  • Improved mood and mindset
  • Spending more time in a higher vibrational frequency
  • Able to support those around me
  • Increased curiosity in everything
  • Boosted creativity
  • Levels of patience, hope and belief vastly improved

Showing up for this journey takes me a couple of hours each month. That's all!

I see this as an important part of my self-car practice, and for this reason it is scheduled into my calendar with the same importance as a trip to the dentist or doctor.

Want to join me?

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Let's support each other through 2022

Sarah xx

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