Do Self Help Books Help?

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Do Self Help Books Help?

I’ve been indulging in self-help books and courses for many years now.

I find learning about what makes me and everyone else tick super fascinating.

These days, personal development is a multi-billion pound industry, which isn’t surprising when we all want to heal from our past, cope with our present and be better in the future.


The Problem with Self-Help Books

Have you noticed a problem with all this self-help, though?.

Do you often feel you’ve had more questions than answers by the end of the book?

Or perhaps, the level of vague support has left you feeling more stuck than you were before?

Yeah, I’ve been there too. Many times!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve read some powerful books, but I’ve also read a lot more average stuff that sounds the same as the book before it.

My reading time is precious, as it’s something I enjoy and I don’t want to waste it on average. I want to spend my reading currency on awesome, mind blowing, inspirational stuff that changes my life forever!.

A Better Form of Self-Help

I started reading astrology books many years ago. In fact, I bought my first one with my birthday money when I was sixteen. And over the years, as my interest in astrology became more professional, I’ve read more and more astrology books and less self-help books.

As this shift happened, I realised that I learned so much more about myself through astrology than reading self-help and personal development.

As an astrologer, I believe that astrology should be accessible to everyone who wants to learn. However, it’s a huge and complex subject, which can make it feel daunting and inaccessible.

I promise you it can be broken down, allowing you to work with one small piece at a time and build on that.

Imagine an Infinite Jigsaw Puzzle

Imagine astrology like an infinite jigsaw puzzle. As you hold a single piece in your hand, looking for the right place to put it, you spend time with that piece, you understand its shape, colours and patterns, and the thing that makes it unique from all the other pieces. Eventually, the information you’ve gleaned from the piece allows you to recognise exactly where it fits in the jigsaw. Once you’ve placed it into its little groove, you start again, moving onto the next piece. This is how I work with astrology in my own learning, and also how I teach and guide those who want to do the same.

My Daily Astrological Life

In my daily life, I follow the astrology of the Moon and planets. As I allow myself to be guided by the lunar cycles, I set intentions on the new Moon and acknowledge my success on the full Moon. I keep track of the phases, signs, void of course Moon energy and planetary events to help plan my days, weeks and months.

I share these ‘jigsaw pieces’ with members of the Moon Portal Online Membership, making working with the Moon and astrology easy and accessible.

In addition to daily events, I continue to explore my natal chart by reviewing my experiences and life events through the lens of astrology. From this, I can grow, evolve, explore, expand and learn more about myself and how I fit into the world.

Becoming a Lifelong Student

I will forever be a student of astrology, and that makes me so excited! Knowing that I have committed my life to this great subject is rewarding and comforting.

Have you ever thought about taking the leap and learning everything you can about yourself to live your best life?

If you would like to do this with the power of the Moon and stars, then I would love to be your guide.

The best way to begin working with me is to become a member of the Moon Portal Online Membership Club for just £17 per month. Each month, inside the Moon Portal, I guide you through the lunar cycles, the energies of the Universe, and the new and full Moons in a way that supports your desire to understand who you are and why you do the things you do.

Find out more and join today

Tell me your thoughts

  • What’s your opinion on self-help versus astrology books?
  • Have self-help books ever made you feel more stuck?

Let me know in the comments below.

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