Cosmic Cuppa - Friday 3rd May 2024

Cosmic Cuppa 3rd May

Hey Cosmic Explorer,

I'm taking a much-needed long weekend to recharge my cosmic batteries so I will make it quite this week. 

Astrological Insights

This week, Pluto decided to do a little backward dance in the sky going Retrograde until October 12th. It made me start thinking hard about what changes I want in my life. Maybe you've been feeling it too? If so, you're not alone.

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Celestial Spotlight: This Week's Stellar Moments

This week, I spent some quality time with my dad building a fence in the back garden. It was a lovely bonding experience, and I'm grateful for his help as I wouldn’t have been able to work this out without him. However I now consider myself to be a professional fence builder 😂

Garden Fence - Newsletter

Also, I've been making some changes in my life towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle. One of my recent favourites is a new eco brand that I've discovered. Not only is it planet-friendly, but it's also kind on the wallet. I've been gradually swapping out plastic and chemical-filled products from the supermarket, and it feels amazing to make a positive impact.

Check out SMOL

That’s all from me this week as I relax and unwind.

Have a great weekend

Take care, Sarah ✨

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