How to Work with Tarot & Oracle Card Spreads

How to Work with Tarot and Oracle Card Spreads (1)

I’ve been using spreads for many years.

I started creating my own spreads quite early on in my Tarot & Oracle journey, as I wanted to have more control over my readings.

When I sit down to work with my cards, I tend to have an outcome in mind.

This could be to:

  • Answer a question
  • Explore a challenge
  • Dive deep into what I’m feeling or experiencing
  • Take a look towards a potential future outcome
  • Review my goals and dreams

I get a lot out of my readings if I’m prompted to journal and go as deep as possible with the guidance.

I’m also a busy woman who doesn’t have time to mess about. Quite often I want quick results with the least amount of resistance, and that’s where spreads come in.

What is a Tarot or Oracle Card Spread?

A Tarot or Oracle card spread is a themed layout for your cards, prompting you to explore a specific theme or question.

The great thing about working with spreads is that it encourages you to go deeper in to your reading.

When I create a spread I like to include additional prompts and guidance to encourage further exploration. I also incorporate journaling into my readings and allow myself to get curious about the cards and the messages they have for me.

Tarot or Oracle?

There’s a reason I don’t just call my spreads Tarot spreads. I always mention Oracle cards too as spreads are just as effective working with either.

If you're new to Tarot, then using spreads will help you learn, especially when working regularly with them.

Tarot can seem confusing and complicated to begin with, and in my experience, practice and frequency are the best ways to make the journey familiar, and from there begin learning and understanding the magick of the Tarot system.

How to Perform a Reading with a Spread

Spreads are actually much easier to use than you might think.

Below I share with you the 5 steps to working with spreads and two bonus steps that are actually the most important but very few people actually do.

Here’s a list of all there is to it:

  1. Grab you chosen deck and spread
  2. Shuffle the cards, thinking about the theme of the spread
  3. Draw the required number of cards and then lay them out as per the spread
  4. Review the theme of each card position alongside the meaning of each card
  5. Journal your results to discover your message
  6. Create a set of action steps from you reading - IMPORTANT NOTE: Very few people do this and it is the most valuable part of any reading.
  7. Come back and review your reading later to see how things worked out and grab any additional guidance. IMPORTANT NOTE: Very few people do this too and I’m always amazed how rewarding it is to review my readings.

Want to Give it a Go?

I have created a free spread called Feel the Present Moment.

I have structured the spread in a way that takes you through all 7 of the steps.

This spread can be used anytime to help you tune into the present moment.

If you feel detached from your purpose, struggling to find your flow, or just want to ground yourself in the here and now, then grab your cards and explore this spread.

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