3 Interesting Things I Learned from my Birth Chart

3 Interesting Things I Learned from my Birth Chart-min

Exploring your own birth chart is fascinating.

It’s almost limitless how far you can go with it.

For example, you may discover a feature in your chart that you want to explore more deeply. You could choose to focus on a specific planet, sign or house, or even an asteroid, and how that shows up for you.

Birth charts can be as simple or as complex as you want them to be. But, regardless of where you are starting from and how deep you want to go, it’s important to have a good foundational knowledge of what your chart is about.

I created my own Language of Your Birth Chart Report and learned three really interesting things from taking a look at the foundations of my chart in this way.

Let’s look at what they are in ascending order.

Interesting Thing Number 3:

I have a great deal of resistance to my Leo Sun characteristics.

Leo is a confident, fun loving, dramatic and creative sign, but my introvert disagrees.

These traits are in me, but they don’t come easy….or as I’ve experienced in my past, they show up inappropriately in all the wrong places.

However, from my chart, I can see that I also have Saturn in Leo, which isn’t a comfortable placement. Saturn wants to control and contain, while my Sun wants to be free and spontaneous. The reason for my resistance becomes a little clearer.

For many years, I’ve felt as though I’m not driven enough, and even label myself lazy because of the lack of results I experience. It took me a long time to embrace my creative side, and part of me resists the flow of this at every turn, but I keep going regardless.

By looking at my chart, I now understand and appreciate the internal conflict I experience with this, and I am slowly learning to be more compassionate when these challenges arise.

Interesting Thing Number 2:

My Capricorn Moon is my driving force to feeling safe

During times of trauma and stress, I become emotionally disconnected. I can almost flick a switch and not look as though I am not feeling anything at all. It’s kinda freaky! tbh. This is a coping strategy I’ve used all my life, and something that can be seen in my Capricorn Moon placement.

This trait has often made me feel broken, as I was unable to connect or express my feelings and emotions, especially after significant traumatic events. However, by working with my chart, I’ve learned to recognise this as a safety feature, which is okay in the short term, but needs to be addressed if it chooses to linger.

Being aware of how I emotionally close down during times of stress has allowed me to notice when it happens, permit it to a certain extent, but not let myself stay there too long.

For me, talking about emotions and feelings is now a big part of my healing process, and how I process all past and present challenges. I regularly work with a therapist to help unlock this part of myself, and having that support has helped immensely.

I’ve transformed from someone who bottled up every little thing, to a person who can share deep feelings and emotions with those around me…….most of the time.

Interesting Thing Number 1:

My thirst for knowledge is written in the stars

I’m hungry for information. I love learning new things and often take on much more than I can cope with due to my need to understand it all, including the meaning of life, the universe and everything (apparently it’s 42 - full marks if you guess the reference)

Here are some chart points to support this:

  • Born under the Waxing Gibbous Moon, I have a strong desire for personal growth.
  • With the Waxing Gibbous in Capricorn, there is a desire to be seen as competent and strong, and learning is my medicine - this explains why I watch documentaries when I feel tired or sick.
  • With Mercury in Virgo, learning all there is to know is practically an obsession, which is challenging in my daily life.
  • With Venus in Gemini, my relationships are often intellectual ones, and I’m drawn to books, magazines, and sources of information - my overflowing books shelves can attest to that!
  • Jupiter in Gemini enhances my need for information, in fact it’s like an addiction that must be regularly satisfied.

The interesting thing about this reflection for me is that I can now see how information overload is almost a compulsion for me. Being aware of this is incredibly beneficial, because instead of feeling inadequate because I can’t learn everything I want, I now understand it’s not physically or mentally possible. I am able to step back and refine my learning experience to support the fact that I am human and not a data crunching robot!

What can your birth chart tell you about yourself?

Find out with a Language of Your Birth Chart Report.

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Tell me your thoughts?

Have you explored your birth chart and did you learn anything interesting? 

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