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The Astrology Shop offers exclusive memberships, enlightening courses, detailed astrological reports, personalised mentoring, and insightful eBooks. Dive deep into the mysteries of the stars and embark on your astrological journey today. Choose from the below available memberships, learning and courses, reports and mentoring.


Cosmic Memberships  

Unlock exclusive access to a world of astrological insights with Astrology Themed Memberships.  

Enjoy members-only content, and exclusive events. Join a community of astrology enthusiasts and elevate your cosmic journey.

The Moon Portal  

£21 per month 

Experience the transformative power of the lunar cycle with Moon Portal. Tailored for personal growth, this membership offers live events and exclusive content focused on each new and full Moon's unique energy. Join us to navigate your personal growth journey, one lunar cycle at a time.

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Moon Circle for Business Owners  

£20 per month

Moon Circle is designed for entrepreneurs seeking cosmic alignment in their business growth. Utilise the powerful themes of each new and full Moon through our twice-monthly live events. Be part of a community that leverages lunar insights for business expansion and personal development.

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Seasons and Cycles

£40 per quarter

Immerse yourself in the natural rhythm of the solar cycle with Seasons and Cycles. This membership is perfect for those curious about seasonal energies. With quarterly live events and curated content, you'll connect deeply with the ebb and flow of the seasons, enhancing your understanding of nature's cycles.

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Cosmic Compass

£5 per month

Receive weekly lunar astrological insights directly in your inbox every Sunday. Tailored to help you plan and align your activities with the cosmic rhythms, this weekly guidance ensures you're in harmony with the universe for the week ahead.

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Learning & Courses

Cosmic Courses

Embark on a journey of astrological discovery. These courses are designed to deepen your understanding of the stars and their influence. Learn at your own pace or choose a guided option.

Explore Your Inner Cosmos - Guided

£1000 - 12 month guided journey

Embark on a 12-month guided exploration of your birth chart. This programme offers a deep dive into understanding your personal growth, expansion, and evolution through natal astrology. A perfect blend of self-discovery and learning the fundamentals of astrology. Bring your Curiosity!

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Birth Chart Basics - An Introduction to Your Chart - Self-Paced

£7 Instant lifetime access

New to astrology? 'Birth Chart Basics' is your ideal starting point. Learn how to obtain your free birth chart and decipher its meanings, setting the foundation for your astrological journey.

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The Zodiac - Understanding the 12 Signs - Self-Paced

PRICE DROP! £35 Instant lifetime access

Delve into the unique traits of each zodiac sign. Understand the distinctive characteristics that define each sign in the tropical zodiac, and why they matter in astrology.

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The Planets - The Sun to Pluto - Self-Paced

£65 Instant lifetime access

From the Sun to Pluto, uncover the unique themes associated with each planetary presence and their roles in shaping your astrological profile.

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