Learn with Ease

When I first began studying astrology, it felt like another language. And that's because it is!.

Once I easily identified the signs and symbols of my chart, I could focus on the information I wanted to learn, rather than trying to remember what each glyph represented.

To help with this, I created some cheat sheets for myself.

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The Goldilocks Effect

The secret to a good cheat sheet is about the volume of information. Too little and you don't learn anything. Too much and you're overwhelmed. Just right, and you have a supportive system onto which you can build your knowledge and future learning.

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The Planets & Signs

This Astrological Identifier gets you started with the planets and signs. 

I recommend keeping a copy close by whenever you read an astrology book, blog or explore your chart, to support your astrological studies.

To familiarise yourself with the symbols and glyphs in this guide, spend some time copying them into a notebook, as this will help with learning and recall. 

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