A Brief History of Astrology

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A brief history of astrology

Astrology is the study of how the positions and movements of stars and other celestial bodies affect the lives of people on Earth. It has been used for centuries to predict the future, explain personality traits, and even to diagnose and treat physical and psychological problems.

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Ancient Times

Astrology has been around since the beginning of human civilisation. Ancient cultures used astrology to make predictions about the future and gain insight into the behaviour of the gods.

Ancient Mesopotamia

The earliest evidence of astrology comes from ancient Mesopotamia, where astrologers developed a form of horoscopic astrology. This was based on the belief that the planets and stars had an influence on human lives.

Ancient Egypt

In ancient Egypt, astrology was used to predict the future and interpret natural events. The Egyptians believed the gods controlled their lives and could be read in the stars. Astrological charts were used to determine the best time for planting crops and to predict floods.

Ancient Greece

In ancient Greece, astrology was seen as a form of divination and was closely linked to religion. Astrologers studied the positions of the stars and planets and used them to interpret the future.

The Middle Ages

During the Middle Ages, astrology was used to explain natural phenomena, such as the phases of the moon, eclipses, and comets. Astrologers also used it to predict the future, often in the form of horoscopes. It was also used in medicine to diagnose and treat physical and psychological ailments.

The Renaissance

During the Renaissance, astrology was embraced by some of the most influential thinkers and leaders of the time, such as Copernicus, Galileo, and Queen Elizabeth I. Astrologers were consulted to make important decisions and to gain insight into the future.

John Dee and Queen Elizabeth I

John Dee was an astrologer, mathematician, and occult philosopher of the 16th century. He was closely associated with Queen Elizabeth I, serving as a court astrologer and counsellor to the Queen. John Dee wrote several works on alchemy and natural magic. He was particularly interested in finding a way to create a philosopher's stone, a legendary substance that could turn base metals into gold and grant eternal life. Dee also wrote extensively on the occult, writing books on angel magic that drew heavily from the works of the ancient Jewish kabbalists. Dee was also a prolific writer on astrology, publishing works such as Monas Hieroglyphica, a treatise on astrological symbolism.

Astrology and Psychology

Carl Jung is one of the most influential psychologists of the 20th century. He proposed many theories, one of which was that astrology can offer insight into human behaviour and relationships.

Carl Jung viewed astrology as a tool of psychological insight. He believed that astrological symbols and archetypes could be used to understand the workings of the unconscious mind. Jung argued that astrology could be used as a form of dream interpretation, allowing people to make sense of their innermost thoughts.

Jung also proposed the concept of synchronicity, which is the belief that events in the universe are connected in a meaningful way. He argued that astrology is an example of synchronicity, as the alignment of the planets can be used to predict and explain events in our lives.

Today, many astrologers use Carl Jung's theories to interpret the meaning of horoscopes. They use Jung's concepts of symbolism, archetypes, and synchronicity to explain how the planets and stars influence our behaviour.

Final Thoughts

Astrology has a long and fascinating history, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. It has been used to predict the future, explain natural phenomena, and diagnose and treat physical and psychological issues. Although its use has changed over time, astrology is still a popular practice today.

In recent years, astrology has seen a resurgence. Modern astrologers are working to undo the negative impact that newspaper and magazine horoscopes have had on its reputation.

Astrology is an incredibly powerful tool for self-discovery and personal growth, and should be seen as a form of self-care by those interested in enhancing their lives through spiritual and scientific practices.

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